How To Increase Your Health In 4 Simple Steps!

How To Increase Your Health In 4 Simple Steps

As a trainer, I get people asking me every day “what can I do to increase my health?”

In this post, I’m going to show you 4 simple, yet effective steps that you can start

implementing now (consistently) that will significantly increase your health, with

the possibility that you may lose some weight along the way.

These 4 steps are the basics to increasing your health.

Master these 4 steps and you are on your path to potentially increasing your health.

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important key factors in obtaining good health.

To increase your health, you must feed the body with good food that is high in

nutrients, so that the body can perform at its best. Feeding the body with good

nutrients will increase the rate of recovery and repair your body from training.

Good nutrient dense food consist of fruits, green veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs,

lean meats, rice, berries, dairy just to name a few. Whereas food that contain

less in nutrients aka ‘bad food’ consist of take away, fried food, saturated fat,

fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, soft drinks, chocolate and many more.

Consuming junk food, bad food or whatever you want to call it is not bad for you,

it’s only bad when you eat too much of it and your metabolic capacity is not high enough to

burn off those calories – but then again, eating too much of anything where your body

is unable to burn it off, is bad for you. I’m not promoting that you should eat junk food

on a regular basis, I’m just saying that one bad meal isn’t going to make you fat, just

as much as one healthy meal isn’t going to make you skinny. If you carry more body

fat with a lower metabolic rate, I would recommend that you consume more foods

that are rich in nutrients as appose to junk food, as these foods will keep you

full longer, carry more nutrients (beneficial to the body) and are lower in calories – to allow your

body to tap into your stored fat and be used as energy. This would obviously be different

if you have a faster metabolism. You’ve heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ this

statement refers to if you’re eating more calories than what your body can burn off, chances

are you are going to gain weight. Junk foods are higher in calories than your typical fruit,

veggies and lean meats – which is why you can’t eat too much of it – especially for

those who carry more body fat and have a lower metabolic capacity. This is why we encourage

people to eat more foods that are rich in nutrients as it keeps you full longer and is lower in calories – allowing

you to lose weight faster, on the condition that you are exercising regularly. Make a conscious effort

to gradually improve your eating habits, eat more of the good foods and less of the bad foods.

Reading food labels will tell you a lot about the food itself. If you want to eat more ‘junk food’ on a regular basis,

decrease your body fat and increase your metabolic capacity and you will be able to enjoy them more often – but make sure

you balance it out with healthy foods so that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

Step 2: Exercise

Exercise would be the second most important element after nutrition,

when it comes to increasing your health. Exercise is the first thing people

do when they want to improve on their health – when nutrition should be the first.

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is important, but when you focus on the inside,

the outside will look after itself. There are so many benefits when it comes to exercising

such as stronger bones, tendons, ligaments and not to mention an increase in your libido.

You should aim to exercise between 3-5 times a week with a combination of cardio

(for your cardiovascular strength) and strength training for your muscles, bones,

ligaments and tendons. It’s been measured that if you add 1.3 kilos of muscle to your body,

this added muscle will burn the same amount of calories if you were to run a mile. So build more muscle!

Step 3: Stress Management and Sleep

We as humans stress over everything and anything, which has a negative effect on our sleep.

Having good sleeps is so important when it comes to improving your health,

it allows your body to repair so that you can perform at your best.

You will find that if you struggle to have a good night’s rest, your performance the next day,

in anything that you do, will be inadequate – especially exercising.

Stress management and getting a good sleep each night will round out your path to better health.

Until you find a way to manage your stress, it will continue to do damage to your body.

Two tips you might want to implement every day so that you get a better nights rest include,

writing a list of things to do to minimize the stress on the mind and cross them off when you have completed them.

Try mediating either before you sleep or when you wake up along with deep breathing exercises

(yes, you probably already know this, but have you tried it?)

Getting enough sleep each night is equally important when you consider your body uses

this time to repair itself. You should aim for 7-9 hours each night. If you struggle to sleep at night,

try reading a book in bed. I find that when I read in bed – a non-work related book,

my mind relaxes and within minutes I’m out cold.

Step 4: Nutritional Supplements

Supplementation is not essential, but is beneficial when you combine it with healthy eating habits.

Getting all the required nutrients that your body needs from food alone can be very tough,

but if you combine good nutrition with the help of supplementation, you will be on the road to building

an unstoppable terminator. The one supplement that I would recommend for everyone to take is multi-vitamin and mineral.

Look at supplementing with a multi-vitamin as added insurance. Eating well is crucial, but now that you’re also taking a multi-vitamin,

you can rest assure that you’re getting the nutrients your body needs. Now that you have the basics,

do more research on each step and find what works best with you. This is just the basics to get you started,

educate yourself and broaden your knowledge. Don’t think that there is only one way to do things.

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