Benefits of an Experienced Trainer

Peter Nguyen has been training people offline and online since 2009.

He has experienced first-hand the physical and mental effects of what proper training and nutrition can have on a persons life.

With so much information that is available at our fingertips, trying to look for the right information to help you achieve your fitness goals can be quite challenging.

Peter Nguyen Fitness is here assist you with any challenges that you may face through education and implementation of the knowledge.

He focuses on each client’s individual needs, wants and goals.

Peter then spends some time mapping out their fitness plan and tailors it to their lifestyle so that they know what they need to do to achieve their goal in a maintainable and sustainable manner.

Peter Nguyen Fitness operates with complete honesty and transparency. Peter uses safe training techniques and promotes a well-balanced diet helping you achieve your goals.

Why Peter Nguyen Fitness and Your Personal Support

Peter Nguyen is 100% committed to helping you achieve real results.

He does this by assisting you every step of the way – no matter what challenges you face.

He offers unlimited support, so if you are ever stuck with your exercise or your nutrition program, you can call him or text him…

Even on the weekends (just not at 3am when he is asleep lol).

Peter Nguyen Fitness also has an online mastermind group where you can ask questions and get support from other team members.

His clients are like one big happy family that supports and encourages one another.

Every year, the team comes together to celebrate one another’s victories and achievements.


Expert Advice

Peter Nguyen has years of knowledge and experience when it comes to nutrition and training, which does not stop there.

He is always learning and educating himself through other leading fitness experts, courses and books – making sure that he stays up to date with the latest fitness trends.

Most importantly, he applies and test these knowledge first before introducing it to his clients.

Mindset and Motivation

Peter Nguyen has gone through many challenges in the past. He suffered from depression, lacked in self-confidence, confused about life and most of all felt unwanted.

He also understands that life will always get in the way and sometimes things are just out of your control – resulting to lack of motivation.

The coaching techniques and strategies that Peter has in place are to get you rethinking again as to why you got started in the first place and re-spark that excitement that you once first had.

He believes that everything happens between the ears and through his mindset coaching, he believes that anyone who puts their mind to it and takes his advice can achieve greatness.