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Hi! I’M
I’m the founder of Peter Nguyen Fitness I teach you NO B.S. on how to transform your body and regain your health.
My programs will help you improve your blood work, build muscle around injuries… score a hot core, improve sleep and insomnia … all without gimmicks, fad diets or silly gym workouts.
I’ve suffered from mental health, depression, insomnia, brain fog, twitching… night sweats, leaky gut, aches and pains, weight gain – despite eating at a calorie deficit… and I tried to commit suicide at one point.
I have practical experience in this field and not just book smart.
And since 2009, I have helped hundreds of male and female regain confidence, health and strength… through my coaching.
If you’re anything like me and feel that your life is upside down…
Where you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with medical practitioners… only to get no results, answers or improvements.
Had consultations after consults only to be sold supplements.
Conducted more tests than you can count on your hands with no explanation for your symptoms.
Wake up multiple times during the night – with unexplained reasons – feeling restless the next day…
If this is you and you’re at your wits’ end, then I might be able to help.

My personal training programs can fast-track your slim-down and help you drop fat... like our clients below

this is a before and after photo of our gay client jonathan choosing us as his personal trainer here in Brisbane

Jonathan hired us and I’ve been able to help him:

- Lose his gut and get visible six-pack abs
- Train without pain
- Boost his metabolism
- And build his best body ever

this is jules progress shot using us as her fitness trainer here on Brisbane north

Jules asked for help and I’ve been able to help her:

- Get bikini body ready
- Tone up her abs, arms and legs
- And look sexy in skinny jeans

here is a current before and after progress shot of our client Grayson using us as his gym trainer in Brisbane

Grayson signed up to our coaching and I was able to help him:

- Get stronger and ready for football
- Lose a chunk of his love handles and belly fat without low calories
- Improve sleep
- Look better than last year
- And is still drinking beer

my services that's helped clients get their confidence back in Brisbane... and it can help you too...

us showing our one on one personal training client how to exercise with correct technique at our Brisbane pt studio in Queensland

one on one weight loss coaching

If you struggle to exercise with proper technique and need guidance with food… then my private 1 on 1 weight loss coaching might be right for you. I can help you get more energy throughout the day. Boost your metabolism so you shed more fat. Sculpt your body so you look good in clothes. Help you flatten your belly so you don’t look pregnant when wearing a shirt. And get a banging body so you feel confident out in public. I PT clients from 5 am all the way up to 9 pm every day. So regardless of your schedule, you let me know your availability and I will let you know if I can fit you in.

this is a senior doing dumbbell walking lunges

Personal training for seniors - where you eat, drink and still shrink!

If you want to feel more confident wearing slim fit shirts, strengthen your knee and back… build upper body muscles and lose weight… then see how Rob was able to do so using us as his senior fitness coach.

Daniel wanted abs so we helped him by tailoring his training program here in Brisbane North Queensland

12-week challenge that’ll get you physically strong, sexy and create abs from every angle - like Daniel.

If you want fitness programs tailored to you… get shredded abs like Daniel and… slim down like Nikki then our 12 week challenge might be right for you. This is not a cookie-cutter program where you do the same exercise as everyone else and eat 1000-1200 calorie diet plans

lose weight while you eat more

Boost your metabolism, build hard muscles and lose your gut.

What do I do as a personal trainer and how can I help you?

I’m your motivator and specialist. I’ll help you get back your self-confidence, transform your body and improve your blood results without eating low calories.

My style of coaching is slightly unconventional but it’s helping clients get into the best shape for their age.

If you’re like some of my clients who like to eat McDonald’s and fast food then I will teach you how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

This helps you stay consistent and get the results as you get older.

Also, the funny thing is, my client’s doctor can’t understand why they have perfect blood work at every check-up… considering what they eat.

On the other hand, I’ve also helped clients improve their liver health.

Here’s what Fil sent us…

our clients medical results after working with a personal trainer and nutritionist here in Brisbane Queensland

If you want to drop fat, build lean muscle and transform your body without restricting carbs, alcohol…

then my private coaching might be right for you.

I will tailor your fitness training programs so it fits within your lifestyle. This way you can maintain your results.

But, if you want to drop a little bit of weight, cut your calories and increase your activity level – this will do the job.

On the other hand. If you have A LOT of weight to lose and you want to keep it off plus…

You don’t want the saggy skin which comes with it…

then cutting calories alone won’t do the job. You will need to build and retain muscle during your fat loss journey. And this is where I’ll help you.

If it was easy every obese or overweight person would be lean and mean without weight regain issues. It’s more complex than you think.

Also, your metabolism is adaptive. This is why some people lose weight faster than others. Your personal trainer should know this and make adjustments to your programs.

Some people can eat pizzas or cheeseburgers and not gain weight… whereas you may sniff a cheeseburger and gain 5kg.

I have data from overweight clients where reducing calories DIDN’T do the job – in fact, they gained fat and lost LBM.

Whereas, other bigger clients – dropping calories did the job.

In fact, people who often do low-calorie diets are the ones who struggle to keep the weight off.

And, to prove my point about your metabolism being adaptive.

I have skinnier clients who are 40-50% body fat – aka skinny fat.

Now, reducing calories increased their binging eating episodes. Which resulted in fat gain due to low levels of muscle.

This resulted in more jiggly body parts and they were less toned.

So, you see, we are not all equal. A one size fit’s all calorie or meal plan is a cookie-cutter approach.

If you want a toner body like Taylah below… where you can eat more food, then hit me up for a free consultation.

taylah body transformation using our 1-on-1 pt training program after searching for a gym coach in Brisbane Southside Queensland

Here’s how I’ll help you fit into old clothes again and build a stronger core…

  • Teach you how to get results eating foods you love – make pizza your superfood.

  • Show you how to lift weights with correct form and work the right muscles.

  • Provide you dietary advice when dining out so you can still drink alcohol and reach your goals.

  • Focus your training on building quality muscle and strength… so you can boost your metabolism and eat more food.

  • Help you exercise around your injuries.

This is what I do first if I was your gym coach.

If you do the above consistently, you’ll be able to build healthy, defined muscles – whilst eating MORE calories.

So, if you want to get back into shape without feeling deprived of food – I can show you how.

My flexible training programs will help you build and maintain strength in your legs and core.

Also, your lower back and legs can continue hours of endurance from walking, hiking or playing with the kids.

Recently, a client turned up to training wearing and fitting into old clothes they haven’t worn in 4 years… and you can too.

Want to see more clients fitting into old clothes?

Take a look at my male testimonials and female before and afters for more proof.

**Side note** If you’re looking for over 50’s personal training then check out how I was able to help Rob get back in wearing clothes in their 20’s… in their 60’s.

He is in the best shape of his life.

This is what you can experience if you hire me as your personal trainer…

I want you to picture this!

Imagine the look on your work colleagues face when you’re eating McDonald’s whilst… wearing your slim-fit clothes – 15kg lighter.

You then get a text message from your friends asking if you want to head to the beaches this weekend.

You say yes!

Because you’re proud to take your top off at the pool or beach.

You’ve tightened up your butt and your back looks sexy.

Your stomach is toner and defined.

Plus, your arms don’t jiggle anymore.

Everyone keeps saying you look strong and fit.

And, no matter what, every outfit you choose fits you perfectly.

Your killer curves mould to your clothes – all because you’ve been sculpting your body with my programs.

This is what self-confidence looks like.

And this is what Chester, amongst every other client of mine, is experiencing right now.

You can too if you use my coaching programs today.

If you need good dieticians or nutritionists due to food intolerance – then I know of some.

Having a personal trainer and nutritionists by your side can catapult your transformation and make life easier.

Like how I helped Chester below…

If this is what you’re looking for, then apply to work with us.

A before and after progress shot of our client chester using our personal training program in Brisbane Queensland - who was obese

Why should you hire a private trainer?

Whether you live in Brisbane city, southside or northside… here’s when I think you should ONLY hire a Brisbane PT.

  • You aren’t getting the results you want – considering you’ve exercised at home or the gym for a while.

  • You’re wasting your money on gym memberships.

  • Still struggling to get flat-toned abs, high-tight tush and jiggle-free arms – even though you’ve been lifting for a while.

  • You have an injury and don’t know what exercise is best to strengthen your injuries.

If you struggle with motivation, ask a friend to train with you.

It will save you money.

But, if you’ve tried everything under the sun, and nothing is working for you, then hire a certified physical trainer in Brisbane.

Which is exactly what Tracey did below…

Tracey used us as her gym trainer and this is the results that she got using our personal training services on Brisbane Northside Queensland

Here are other reasons why you should hire a fitness trainer near me…

Like most of my clients, you’ve tried either:

  • Keto
  • 12-week challenges that didn’t suit your lifestyle
  • 8-week fitness challenges that were too restrictive
  • 6-week body transformation challenge programs that looked like everyone else’s
  • High protein diet
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Paleo Diet
  • Vegan or Vegetarian (cruelty or ethical argument reasons aside)
  • Juice Fasting
  • Low-Carb Diets
  • Low-Fat Diet
  • The Atkins Diet
  • a shake diet – the man shake
  • Weight Watchers
  • Jenny Craigs

or, any other diet that’s restrictive or unsustainable.

You’ve also tried:

  • Crossfit training
  • Boot camp
  • Running with a certified trainer
  • Group classes
  • Hi intensity interval training
  • Indoor or outdoor circuit training
  • Plyometric training
  • Powerlifting
  • Had a bodybuilding personal trainer or coach
  • HIIT
  • Kickboxing or
  • Private sessions with a personal boxing trainer

And neither gave you the strong and sexy body transformation you wanted.

Here is when I recommend hiring a Brisbane PT

When you’ve done most or all the above and you’re struggling with getting results.

If you choose me as your new physical fitness trainer, I’ll show you how to get results eating the foods you love.

I’ll help you build strength and boost your metabolism.

And, I’ll make those tiny tweaks with your training which will give you big results.

I’ll help you lose those last 5 kilos.

And if you struggle with sleep, I’ll show you tips on how to get more blissful ZZZz.

I will give you access to my nutrition guidelines.

My guidelines have helped clients structure their diet.

And, it will show you how to eat out and stay slim.

Especially around your preferred lifestyle.

us showing our one on one personal training client how to exercise with correct technique at our Brisbane pt studio in Queensland

Will a local personal trainer near you help you lose weight?

A male or female personal coach close to your home can help you lose weight.

On the condition, they provide you with the right diet and exercise advice – tailored to you.

Most PT trainers nearby are convenient. But, if they lack experience & knowledge with the results you want – then is it worth it?

Look, gym coaches who live near you might say you’re doing great with that push-up.

But, if all you feel are your arms and not your chest – is the service worth it? What if they don’t know how to correct your form?

Can you see why some guys never build a big chest or rid their man boobs…

no matter how many push-ups or bench presses they do?

Plus, they put themselves at risk of getting injured.

Anyone can do a push-up of some sort. The question is, can you do it right where you see significant changes?

Just remember, you pay for what you get.

Don’t expect 5-star service if you pay peanuts.

You can bust your ass off with a personal home fitness trainer for 1-3 hours a week.

Yet, if they can’t give you a step-by-step plan to do for the remaining 166 hours or so per week…

Then, don’t expect to burn fat, crush cravings or master your mindset.

And metabolism aside – as mentioned on this page.

Regardless of how hard you train with your fitness coach.

If your training technique is horrible and you eat over your calories… you will not tone up and lose weight.

It doesn’t matter if you  “eat healthily” or “clean”.

There’s a reason why Fil can eat more and lose weight…

as a physical trainer here in Brisbane Queensland, it's important to know when to adjust your clients food so they get results like our client here

And if any personal trainer tells you otherwise – run!

If you don’t know already, calories are what determines weight loss or weight gain.

And balanced macronutrients ensure your body gets what it needs to maintain daily function.

Micronutrients help with blood clotting, immune function, energy production and others.

Now, if your goal is to sculpt your abs, arms and butt or… build lean muscle and blast evil cellulite, then eating fewer calories won’t cut it.

You will need to do proper strength and conditioning training – consistently.

Look, losing weight is one thing. But losing weight where you retain muscle (aka body recomposition) or… build some muscle is another story.

Much like how Red retain her lean body mass and stripped fat…

before and after shot of Red using our one on one personal training program after searching online for a fitness coach here in Brisbane City Queensland

It’s not by luck that my 1 on 1 pt client was able to lose 41.95kg without saggy skin.

I also helped him lower his blood pressure naturally – whilst making his body strong.

He built a mighty chest, strong shoulders and arms.

The pain in his knee was gone and he got stronger, slimmer and tougher.

Check out his results here if you want.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who specialises in obesity in Brisbane, then I can help.

Always do your due diligence when hiring a gym coach.

Whether you choose a female or male trainer, always look for video (you can’t fake that).

Look for written testimonials and before and after photos.

Success leaves clues.

Make sure they have proven results that you want.

All that matters is, you understand ‘you pay for what you get.’

After struggling for some time, Nikki hired us… see her results below…

one of our obese clients sending in their body transformation progress through our virtual personal training program in Queensland Brisbane North Side

What others are saying about my personal training services…

They all started somewhere, and now they’re on top of the world!

100g at 60 led me to Peter Nguyen. Testimonials on Peter’s website convinced me to give fitness one more go. What he offered was a program unique to me and adaptable as my fitness and weight loss progressed. And so many choices – particularly with food and drink. In fact, nothing seems to be off-limits. Early results have motivated accelerated take up - but decisions have always been mine. Peter is incredibly personable and engaging in his approach and is great fun to train with. His strong personal values and genuine commitment to his clients mean he wants us to be the best we can be. So 10 weeks after I first joined Peter Nguyen Fitness, I am almost 90kg, down almost 2 waist sizes and now believe I can do even more - if I choose to
Robert Setter
Chief Executive
I’ve been working with Peter for more than 2 years and I’ve found him to be the most professional and systematic PT I’ve ever had. His thorough approach to data collection when charting my weekly progress has been instrumental in helping me to remain consistent with my nutrition and fitness goals. He has been positive and encouraging throughout my journey and his knowledge is second to none. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting healthy.
Nicole McSpadden
Peter has always gone above and beyond for me, and I am grateful to be able to call him my coach and friend. He has taught me so much invaluable knowledge about training and nutrition through his sustainable and healthy approaches to fitness. I could not recommend him enough!
Courtney Hill

How many times a week should you trainer with a PT in Brisbane?

It depends. What’s your budget? How much help do you need?

  • Do you know the basics of strength training

  • Can you exercise with good form?

  • Are you able to breathe whilst keeping your core strong during your lifts?

  • Is your lower back sore when you lift weights?

  • Can you feel the right muscles work during resistance training?

If you’re new to lifting weights, then you should find a personal trainer who can help you with the proper use of gym types of equipment.

I recommend 2-3 times per week if you’re a beginner.

1-2 times per week if you’re an intermediate to an advanced athlete.

And fortnightly – monthly if you’re an elite or professional athlete.

If you’re not new to strength training and you know how to use the right muscles when lifting – then once a week is fine.

Keith below was a FIFO client. He saw me fortnightly and check out his results…

keith was looking for a fitness coach to help with his weight loss in Brisbane south side Queensland and this is what he got with our personal training program

Other factors that determine how many times you should use a certified gym trainer…


  • What type of results do you want?

  • Only need to drop some kilos?

  • Shed fat and build muscle?

  • Increase strength?

  • All three – fat loss, muscle building and strength training?

  • Only building muscle and rehabilitation?

  • Do you only want a 28-day fitness training program?

  • Need to get into shape by a particular date? e.g., your wedding? Plus, are you new to lifting? If so, then you’ll need more than 1 session with your coach.

As you can see, it all depends.

Since 2009, my clients are still getting results with only 1-2 personal training sessions per week…


And some have lost a total of 20-30kg.

Training more is not always better.

Some clients see me fortnightly or monthly to check on their fitness training.

Plus, I have clients who do their flexible exercise training programmes at home and see me once a week at the personal training studio.

A physical trainer should never make a client feel they can never progress on their own. 

Whether you do one-on-one in person or online, our goal is to:

  • Get you results whilst teaching you the fundamentals.

  • Make sure you can maintain your results with your preferred lifestyle.

  • And give you the option to check in with us ever so often – once you are confident doing it on your own.
this is our one on one client doing a deadlift at our Brisbane studio on the north side

How often should you see a one on one personal trainer near you?

If you lack motivation and need someone to hold you accountable then… you should see a 1-on-1 personal trainer more often.

But, if this is the only reason, then I would recommend training with a friend first. That way you can hold each other accountable and save money.

However, if you have a specific goal you’ve been struggling to achieve…

Then I recommend seeing a trainer more than once a week for about 6-12 weeks.

This will help you establish a new holistic routine and make sure it suits your preferred lifestyle.

You’ll learn how to lift weights properly.

And if you’re new to lifting or exercising then 3 times per week is the max.

You don’t want to become dependent on your exercise trainer.

It takes about 6-12 weeks to solidify your new habit.

This works well with couples training, over 50s, at home, postpartum, outdoor mobile PT or… small group training.

Here is when I taper you off using my personal training coaching…

  • You’re confident with your technique.

  • You can motivate yourself to do your tailored exercise
    programs every week.

  • Food tracking and training have been consistent for 6 months.

From there, I would suggest switching to a mobile exercise trainer near your area once you have mastered your at-home PT workouts.

That way, you can progress further without buying gym equipment – just like Marc.

Below is Marc – my ex-client.

Marc came to me with a broken arm and a goal to join the police service.

Part of the physical skills training for the police service requires you to do 10 full push-ups.

The Doctors said to Marc “you’ll never regain full strength and use of your arm.”

Marc was shattered.

I said to Marc – “I will get you there if you give me 100% of your effort.”

I taught him the fundamentals with regards to weight lifting and nutrition.

He lost 10kg with us and then some.

Fast forward, he is now a police officer and can do 5 unassisted chin-ups.

Because of the skills and knowledge learnt from me, Marc can now use a mobile trainer to push him without worrying if his technique is wrong.

From a broken arm to 20 push-ups

He was told by specialists that he would never have complete strength or be able to do push-ups again…

Mark cook broken arm scans
before and after progress shot from our client who picked us as their personal trainer in Brisbane

How long should you stay with a fitness coach?

There’s no set rule on how long you should stay with a personal fitness coach.

Some say you should plan to work with your fitness coach for 3-6 months.

And others say when you have reached your goals.

Here’s what I’ve been doing with all my personal training clients since 2009.

I tell them, “you can ditch me as your fitness coach when you can”

  • Consistently do your individualised workout programs for 12 + weeks. And have only missed training due to being sick – and not laziness.

  • Confidently exercise on your own using my unique techniques and cues.

  • Tracked your food consistently since working with me and haven’t missed a day.
    Record your morning weight every day.

  • You’ve read and followed my nutrition guide e-book.

From there, I will show you when and how to swap exercises around.

This will give you more variety with exercises and increase your weight loss goal – so you can banish your potbelly.

I’ll then show you when and how to assign the right reps and sets to your exercise programs, so you continue to build beach muscles.

And lastly, my preferred method to adjust your training programs when you plateau. This will help you build a V-taper back of your dreams.

If you do everything that I teach you above consistently – your results will compound over time.

And you won’t ever need to hire a PT anymore – unless you want to.

Like our client Fil below…

A before and after photo of our client Fil using our personal training services here in Brisbane north side Queensland. From obese to normal

Is paying for a mobile workout trainer near your area worth it?​

It depends on what you consider as worth it. 

Is it worth it if your goal is to lose weight without saggy skin and…you hire a personal home trainer that has no experience or knowledge on nutrition. 

And 6 weeks later, your clothes are still tight. You still have your winter weight. Your love handles haven’t changed. 

Do you think it worth it?

Some people only want a trainer to push them.

They don’t want:

  • Tracking or correcting of exercise technique

  • A tailored exercise programming

  • Weekly measurements

  • Customised nutritional  guidance or help

And that’s fine – nothing wrong with that.

But if your goal is to: 

  • Get under 100kg

  • Fix and rehabilitate your shoulder, back or knee pain

  • Build the best booty and sculpt your legs

  • Reach a particular fat loss goal

  • Improve chronic pain, health conditions or disabilities

  • Be bikini competition ready

  • Get fit for surfing or

  • Ripped abs

then you’ll need more than ‘train hard.’ 

Like Chester below.

He was able to go from XXL shirts to Large and 42” jeans to 34” not from just training hard. 

There was a lot of tracking, manipulating food and training to get the results he wanted.

text message from our client using us as their mobile personal trainer here in Brisbane Queensland, who was morbidly obese now fitting into smaller clothes

Your certified trainer will need to build a personalised workout and nutrition plan tailored to suit your goal and lifestyle.

If it doesn’t fit within your lifestyle – you will eventually give up.

And “You can’t out-train a bad diet”

The reason why my clients can transform their body, see amazing progress and maintain it – is because I tailor it to their lifestyle.

On top of that, I track their progress, diet and make adjustments when they plateau – weekly.

Motivation doesn’t come from me, it comes from the results you see.

Think about it.

Every time your weight drops, you lose 1-2 clothes sizes or…


a friend comments on how good you look – are you more motivated?

At home personal trainers can provide you with extra motivation but not all trainers are equal.

Some are very knowledgeable with years of experience – and they are more expensive.

And the cheapest personal trainers in Brisbane are less experienced.

So you pay for what you get.

Also, mobile trainers are limited to gym equipment.

So what I’m saying is, don’t expect to build quality muscles with a medicine ball or with 5-kilo dumbbells.

If that was the case, I’d ditch the gym and be at home watching Netflix and curling 5kg.

Some people consider a mobile personal trainer worth it… others don’t.

You need to be the judge.

Ask yourself, what results do I want?

From there, you’ll know which trainer to pay for.

Can a private gym coach near you give out meal plans?

Gym or local trainers near you should NOT provide detailed meal plans. Unless they’re also a Registered Dietitian (RD) or a licensed physician.

Workout trainers can provide guidance and some structure around meals.

Look, I’m not an RD and even if I was, I still wouldn’t write meals plans.

And here’s why!

Since 2009, I have coached clients who had eating disorders.

They saw meal plans as “I’m on the meal plan, I followed the diet, and I was good” or… “I’m off the meal plan and the diet was bad.”

Now here’s a real case study where my client was given rigid meal plans by a practitioner before me.

In fact, I see this very often with new clients.

For lunch, her meal plan said to have a pear, yet she had an apple. She viewed her meal plans as a gospel that must be followed… if she wanted results.

She felt like a failure when she stuffed up. And because of that, she chowed down a tub of ice cream.

Keep in mind, the apple might have the same macronutrients as a pear. Yet because she lacked basic nutritional knowledge, she went on a binge. All because she felt like she stuffed up.

I get it, meal plans are straightforward and easy to follow.

And you don’t have to plan your meals on your own. Someone has done all the heavy lifting for you.

BUT, I want you to understand this…

  • Can you have your meal plan on vacation?

  • Are you able to eat out with friends and family without going off-plan?

  • Can you enjoy Christmas, anniversary, date or movie nights whilst on your diet plans?

If you answered no, then why use meal plans if it’s going to set you up to fail?

Meal plans can be great for short term solutions but they won’t help you get to your long-term goals.


They don’t teach you basic nutrition.

You don’t know how to incorporate nutritional knowledge into your preferred lifestyle.

If I catch personal trainers near me prescribing meal plans, I question their authenticity… even if they are an RD. And so should you.

Chester was able to fit into a size small shirt and 30” waist pants eating what and when he wanted… And you can too!

one of our mobile personal training clients getting results and sending us his progress here in Brisbane City Queensland

What certifications does a physical trainer need to train you?

The education requirements to become a gym coach include:

  • Certificate III (SIS30315) and IV (SIS40215) in Fitness.

  • A degree in Diploma of Fitness.

  • Completion in  exercise science or human movement course

Fitness instructor with Certificate III isn’t allowed to do one on one personal training… 

They can only instruct small group personal training classes and act as a gym instructor.

I’m certificate 3 and 4 certified and covered with Exercise Professionals Liabilities Insurance. 

If your coach doesn’t have insurance, I would think twice about working with them.


If anything was to ever happen to you, and they don’t have insurance – well you know rest.

Even though I always train clients with proper technique and precautions, clients who travel from Brisbane northside, western suburbs, Brisbane CBD or… east or south Brisbane feel confident knowing that I’m insured and certified.

I am also registered with Fitness Australia.

A progress text message from our online personal training client here in Brisbane Queensland

Why are the best personal trainers so expensive?

“If you think it’s expensive to hire an experienced private trainer… wait until you hire an amateur personal trainer” 

The best Brisbane personal trainers do more than you think. 

To get you the best results, my job is to understand your body.

I need to know/understand your 

  • Metabolic movement patterns.

  • Muscle imbalance.

  • Your current strength and weakness.

  • Your goal.

  • Health history.

  • Current cardiovascular health.

  • Diets you did before. and what’s it like now.

  • Any eating disorders? e.g. Do you binge. And if so, when? During stress periods or time of the month?

  • How’s your sleep? Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you waking up many times a night? Frequent urination? Night sweats?

  • Any mental hurdles that may have caused you to fail before?

This is why Daniel was able to eat more calories and get six-pack abs…


A normal PT can help you look better but the best PT’s in Brisbane will:

  • Help you transform your body

  • I’ll help fix any muscle imbalance

  • Improve your cardiovascular health

  • Show you how to build muscles around areas that tend to cause injuries

  • Help you make better flexible dietary choices by showing you various methods

  • Track your measurements and exercise programs every week

  • Build a tailored exercise program so you progress when you’re not with us

  • Make changes to your health and fitness programs when you plateau

  • Hold you accountable for your food tracking

  • Follow up with you before and after training

  • Show you how to increase your flexibility

  • Break weight lifting plateaus

  • And if you have athletic goals, I can help you become the best in your sport!

So next time you hire a PT in Brisbane, check if they do all the above.

You’ll soon find out why they’re one of the cheapest trainers in Brisbane.

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How much is a personal coach in Brisbane?​

Certified fitness trainers set their own prices.

Personal physical trainers who coach out of commercial gyms charge more. 

The reason being is the hefty rent they need to pay.

Also, PT’s near Brisbane CBD charge more for their services – and here’s why: 

  • Demand for the trainer


  • Rent is higher


  • More experienced. Like any industry, the more experienced the professional, the greater the investment  

I was able to ask a few gym trainers, instructors, virtual trainers and… sports specific training coaches from different gyms.

And here’s the average cost per hour for a local gym fitness trainer Near me in Brisbane


Keep in mind, prices for a workout trainer can vary from studios, gyms or clubs.

These figures are for 1-on-1 personal training and the cost for a mobile or in-home personal trainer may vary.

  • Fitness First personal trainers charges between $50-$70 for 30 minutes and an hourly rate of $70-$130

  • Anytime Fitness personal training is between $50-$65 for half an hour & $75-$110 for an hour


  • Goodlife fitness body trainers rates are between $40-$60 for 30 mins and $70-$100 for 1hour

  • Snap fitness training fees are around $50-$60 for half-hour and $80-$120 per hour


  • Vision personal training cost between $55-$70 for thirty minutes and $80-$130 1 hr

So, keep in mind these are not set figures. Experienced coaches are more expensive but you pay for what you get.

This is why Chester and Tony have gotten results with my coaching…

one of our obese client texting us his body transformation progress shot here in Brisbane Queensland
one of our Brisbane virtual personal training client send us their progress after travelling

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