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and how I can help you transform your body, life and health

Dear Friend

Peter Nguyen here!

I help males and females age 30+ get back into slim fit clothes, regain self-confidence and… look and feel good about their body again.

My mantra is… “anyone can lose weight but… can you keep it off whilst maintaining your lifestyle?”

And here is why my clients are able to reach their goals… whilst maintaining their lifestyle.

  • I personalise their program to suit their lifestyle.
  • Their program is based on strengthening their weakness.
  • I focus heavily on making sure you lift with good form.
  • Plus, I choose exercises that will give you a bang for your buck.
  • Then, I make sure you feed your body with the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and fibre… to build and fuel your muscles. This will help give you energy for training, shed fat and build visible muscles.
  • And after this, I usually increase your calories so you can continue getting results and… enjoy your social life.

I always say…

Unless you've walked a mile in someone's shoe... you'll never understand the physical and mental challenges that person is going through. And you will struggle to help them 100%.

At one point in my life, I tried to commit suicide. I have suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia. Plus, I’ve struggled to get fit and drop weight as I had an eating disorder.

So, if you suffer from any of the above – know that I have the experience to help… and not just book smart.

If you want to get back into shape before it’s too late, lose some weight, regain self-confidence and… look and feel good about yourself again, then our coaching might be for you.

My style of training is a little different to others.

I merge different forms of strength training together to get you the results you seek. And how I get you to lift the weight, is what makes it different to others.

Plus, I incorporate various forms of rehabilitation, stretching and… mobility work into your program to prevent injuries.

During our coaching:

  • I will hold you accountable every week so you can look and feel good about yourself again.
  • Provide you with the right dietary advice for your body type so you can lose the weight you’ve gained and regain self-confidence.
  • Show you step by step what to do to get you results and make your body healthy again.
  • Support and push you weekly with the correct form so you have more energy and not feel tired anymore.
  • Keep track and make adjustments to your progress so you don’t see minimal results anymore.

If this is what you’re looking for – in a coach, then click the button below.

My accomplishments include:

Fitness Related Education:

  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Nutrition for Personal Trainer Certified
  • Pre & Post Natal Certified
  • Excelgene Certified
  • Punchfit Trainer Certified
  • Rehab Trainer Certified

Non-Fitness Related Education:

  • Bachelor of Regional Town Planning

Work History:

  • I’ve been a personal trainer since 2009
  • Specialise in Weight-Loss Service since 2009
  • Provide Physical Fitness Programme since 2009

Non-Fitness Related Work History:

  • Town Planning 3 years

Awards, Titles, and Designations

    • Powerlifting Competition (Squat 170kg, Bench 120kg, Deadlift 225kg)
    • INBA Brisbane Classic Men’s Fitness 2nd place
    • INBA Queensland Titles Men’s Fitness 3rd place
    • INBA Nationals Men’s Fitness 4th place

Other Info:

  • Since 2009 I have helped over 238 people (1-on-1) look and feel good about their body… regain their self-confidence and helped them surpassed their goal weight.
  • I’ve helped Chester Hanson lose over 40kg without saggy skin… or cardio, food restrictions and… no more than 2 strength training sessions per week.
  • I’ve helped Fil Cristaldi lose over 30.64kg without any saggy skin… no cardio, no food restrictions and… ONLY 2 strength sessions per week.
  • I’ve helped Tracey Troughton lose 10kg without any cardio… food restrictions and… only 2 strength training sessions per week.
  • I did Lion Dancing for 2 years.
  • Muay Thai for 2 years
  • I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called “Pho”…. haha yes, like Vietnamese beef noodle soup lol… he even has an Instagram page if you want to check him out here.
  • NRL and basketball are my two favourite sports.
  • I love to eat – especially pizza!
  • I’d say I’m an introvert – just not around clients
  • Reading books in my spare time and I’m a homebody.
  • I’m into Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Stand-up Comedy, Crime Movies & Anime
  • I’ve overcome depression, tried to commit suicide at one point… I’ve been overweight before and now I am happy and in shape with more self-confidence.

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