Alessandro Seno

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*"My name is Alessandro and I've always been somewhat fit and active. I've always trained or done sports to keep myself healthy and lean (I never had a ripped body though)

Since COVID there have been 3 major turning points in my life. First, COVID restrictions on gyms - so I stopped training. Secondly, a change in career (office job) and thirdly, I had a kid (which had me stressed eating every day)

As a result, I ended up weighing 90kg. I was around 74-75kg before these turning points. My biggest issue was none of my clothes fit me anymore.

I tried and tried to get back on track since I knew exactly what I needed to do, as I've done it before with my previous personal trainer. Unfortunately, this time around, I just couldn't. The food was boring. Eating the same chicken and broccoli every day was not sustainable. Training 4-5 days per week consistently was difficult - especially with a newborn.

I decided to seek help. I searched on Google for a personal trainer in Brisbane. After researching a lot, I chose Peter Nguyen as my fitness coach.

With Peter's exercise and nutritional guidance, I was able to lose 18kg. Right now, I'm hovering around 72kg. I'm in the best shape of my life. I can now see muscle definitions for the first time in 32 years - which I never did previously when I was 74kg.

What I like about Peter's coaching is that he did not only train me... he also taught me how to make it fit within my lifestyle. He taught me how to eat and train in a way that is sustainable with long-lasting results.

I now train 2 times per week compared to 4-5 times per week. And I eat foods that I enjoy whenever I like.

Peter is not only a great coach, but he also ends up becoming your friend - as he is very personable. He understands my struggles and finds ways to overcome them. Peter follows up with texts and emails weekly. He also sends me video instructions via WhatsApp when I don't understand certain things.

I've worked with Peter for about 9 months now and I've gotten better results training less and eating more. He does not offer quick fixes, but what he teaches has changed my life. He's helped me put in place better habits which have helped me become a better person.

If you are struggling with your fitness goal, look no further. Peter Nguyen will personalise your program like has with mine... plus, he will make it simple so you can reach your ideal body!

This is my current before and after. I am still working with Peter as my next goal is to get leaner abs - which I have never had. The goal is to do it sustainably - so watch this space."

Alessandro Seno

Mechanical Engineer