chanel wong

here is what chanel said about us...

*I am a personal trainer myself and one thing I was never taught during my studies was proper nutrition.

We were taught the basics of nutrition and how to guide our clients… but never taught how to factor it in with your personal lifestyle… not like the way Peter taught me.

One thing I like about Peter coaching is that he sits down with you and makes an effort in asking you questions about your life… such as...

what do you do for a living? What do you like to eat? What do you usually eat on the weekends? If you were to binge what is your go-to food?? Do you drink? When you stress, what foods do you crave?...

When you have your TOM what do you love to indulge on?? ...the list goes on. At first, I didn’t quite understand why he'd ask so many questions... I just wanted to lose weight haha... but after winning my first ever bikini competition under the guidance of Peter, I now understand why.

To truly keep the weight off, your everyday eating can’t have any restrictions.

It has to be what you would normally eat every day.

I learnt the hard way during the preparation of my comp as I went against what Peter said and ended up binge eating quite bad.

I can’t thank Peter enough for the knowledge, support and motivation. I couldn't have completed without your help! Thanks Pete

chanel wong