chester hanson

here is what chester said about us...

If you look closely at Chester’s photos, you will see that he doesn’t have ear stretchers anymore…
Because not only has he transformed his body… he’s also transformed his life.
When Chester first saw me, he had little to no confidence and had trust issues…
He had anxiety, was depressed and struggle with body aches and pains.
His sleep was terrible and most of all…he didn’t trust me.
We personalised his program, tracked his results and made adjustments weekly… not monthly.
If you’re programmed properly, your body will adapt very fast – like Chesters.
Chester has made some incredible transformations – both mentally and physically by working with us…
But don’t just hear it from me…

*Prior to having Peter help me improve my physical well being I was 129 kg and not so much happy. I found his services online after a quick google search for trainers in Brisbane and his witty questions and no-nonsense attitude on his application form was what intrigued me into contracting his help.

The first session was full-on, I felt like total trash for becoming what I had become but his supportive, non-judgmental and prudent attitude to be a solution in my physical well being motivated me to want to start the journey.

No fancy 8-week challenges, no ‘buy my plan and you will be guaranteed to lose weight!’ promises; realistic and pragmatic view on nutrition, physical fitness and the hard work that would be required to succeed.

Fast forward 12 months, I have lost 27.5 kg and gone from a size 42” waist where I would wear my pants up at my belly button! To a size 32” waist where I actually wear my pants on my hips. I have been training for 2 days a week, 1 hour each session; some days are easy, others are hard.

When I feel like things are challenging, Peter provides sensible support and has a gifted and learned ability to debrief and provides thoughtful and mindful strategies to keep moving forward whilst dealing with the good and bad life inevitably brings.

I know this may sound a bit cliche, but trust me when I say watch this space! I have now started supplementary training on my own alongside what I do with Peter and within the next 12 months, the results will truly be unbelievable.

This will also sound super cliche, I couldn’t have done without him, his support, encouragement and professional attitude to my nutrition and physical training; and my dedication and hard work, has allowed some significant results without the fads of the day in regards to eating plans and workouts. Simple, Strong and Dedicated.

chester hanson

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