daniel dallas

here is what daniel said about us...

If you want to transform your body, see more muscle definition and be able to eat the foods you want like Daniel… then watch Daniel’s video above.
When I first met Daniel, he was very active and had a fast metabolism… based on the data we collected.
He was able to shed fat whilst having around 2900 calories per day…
Towards the end of his cut, he was eating around 3700-4000 calories per day.
The fact that he had a fast metabolism made it easier for him to choose foods.
Because Daniel is a go-getter, more often then not, we had to slow him down and make sure his exercise technique was on point.
Correcting his technique was what made his muscle pop more.
When that became evident in Daniel’s eyes, he took our advice and knuckled down on proper form with all exercises… 
this is when his results skyrocketed.

*After working in the mines for 3/4 years I had put on a few extra Kilos and was going down the right track to becoming an overweight typical Tradie!

I came back to Brisbane and found Peter a few months ago and he turned my fitness and nutrient round right from the get go!

I have had a lot of experiences with elite coach’s through my sporting achievements and Peter has to be one of the best! He not only trains you hard when he is with you but he is constantly encouraging and motivating you along the way.

Peter is the first Personal Trainer I have ever gone to see about getting serious about my fitness and Health and he will now be the only one I see.

Peter will show you the way without crazy diets. I still enjoyed a drink, and a few treats throughout my transformation. He makes it fit into your Lifestyle.

The results speak for themselves. I could not speak more highly about Peter I believe if you want to get results see Peter, Peter will show you the way!

daniel dallas