Emiliano Sgueglia

here is what Emiliano said about us...


*"As a head chef, my job is physically demanding. I stand and move around for at least 8 hours... Plus, lifting heavy pots and carrying large bags of food strains my body.

Before Peter, I was struggling to follow any diet or training plans. I was tired every day - despite getting 8 hours of sleep. Peter showed me step by step how to lose weight without restricting my lifestyle. He helped me with meal planning... which allowed me to eat normal foods. I'm still seeing results, and my weight and body composition are still dropping weekly. He showed me how to lift using the correct form... which has helped with my posture and strength.

In less than 3 months, I lost almost 8 kg. I have more energy throughout the day. I feel better every day and it keeps getting better as the days go on. I'm fitting into my old clothes again - which is nice.

I highly recommend Peter as a personal trainer. He makes himself available to answer my never-ending list of questions lol... without making me feel dumb.

I highly recommend Peter as a trainer."

Emiliano Sgueglia

Head Chef