What My Clients Say About Us

Female Testimonials

Cheryl Daly

Cheryl Daly here is what cheryl said about us… *I have been on the program for a little over a week and have already lost 2kg whilst retaining lean muscle mass. Peter makes it very easy to get results and he tailors your exercises to fit with your body needs. Cheryl Daly business owner work […]

Vivien Emsworth

Vivien Emsworth here is what Vivien said about us… I was quite a plus-size kid growing up and was teased about it which didn’t help with my insecurities towards my weight… I was already self-conscious about my weight.   During high school, I would do the whole thing of under eat all day and then […]

Tracey Troughton

Tracey Troughton here is what tracey said about us… *I have known Peter for over 3 years. He is not only my personal trainer but has become a good friend and mental coach. Before starting with Peter I had been to many doctors regarding the pain in my knees and constant swelling only to be […]

Therese O’Connor

Therese O’Connor here is what therese said about us… *I have lost over 8kg in less than 4 months with Peter. He fitted my weight loss around my lifestyle rather than my lifestyle around weight loss. NO STRICT DIETS!!!! Peter takes a holistic approach to making a sustainable transformation and is there supporting you every […]

Tess Morrison

Tess Morrison here is what tess said about us… *I have been training with Pete Nguyen for a couple of months now and I could not recommend him more highly. Pete has helped me through the most mentally and physically challenging time in my life and I am eternally grateful. Pete has a holistic approach […]

Taylah Lamont

Taylah Lamont here is what taylah said about us… *I started training about 18 months ago, considered myself as a gym junkie – working out 5 days a week, but I wasn’t getting the results that I was chasing. I started working out with Peter Nguyen Fitness 3 months ago. I started noticing results after […]

before and after shot of Red using our one on one personal training program after searching online for a fitness coach here in Brisbane City Queensland

Red Wiard

Red Wiard here is what red said about us… *After the indulging Christmas holiday, I found myself at 85kgs, a size 14 and wanted to lose weight. I started Peters Coaching and was amazed at how much knowledge, passion and care he has for his clients. My short term goal was to lose 10kg get […]

Jules Filipic

jules filipic here is what jules said about us… *I am so lucky to have Peter as my partner and to have him as my trainer.  But here is a little about me before I met Peter.  I was a regular gym-goer. I would train 5 x per week. However, with all the effort I […]

Kaya Fernando

Kaya Fernando here is what kaya said about us… *It’s only been 5 weeks since the first photo but there’s already a somewhat significant difference and I haven’t exercised or did absolutely everything you said, just partial but look at these results already… now I’ll do everything you say. Can’t wait to see the results […]

L Murphy

L Murphy here is what L Murphy said about us… *Shreddin for the wedding! I am 47 years old, a mother of 2 children under 7, 170 cm tall and in Feb 2016, I weighed 120kg. And then I met Peter. Now I weigh 88 kg & I have increased my muscle mass to 39% […]

Laura Petroff-Gates

Laura Petroff-Gates here is what laura said about us… *I recently had the experience of Peter as my Personal Trainer. His approach to Health and Fitness I can only describe as ‘new age’ to which will completely transform you. His ability to personalise each session and bring out the ‘you’ that you struggled to get […]

Leanne Woods

Leanne wood here is what leanne said about us… *I have only worked with Pete for a short time but the results came very quickly. He doesn’t just work your body – he transforms you mental and physically. His holistic view will help you understand why you weren’t getting results previously and show you, develop […]

Milijana Vukolic

Milijana Vukolic here is what Milijana said about us… *I have been training with Pete for 3 months and my results have blown me away. Pete has taught me so much. I thought I knew the basics and it turns out that I had no idea. The exercise programs and nutritional advice Pete provides me […]

Nicole McSpadden

nicole mcSpadden here is what nicole said about us… *I’ve been working with Peter for more than 2 years and I’ve found him to be the most professional and systematic PT I’ve ever had. His thorough approach to data collection when charting my weekly progress has been instrumental in helping me to remain consistent with […]

Nikita Martinz

Nikita Martinz here is what nikita said about us… *I’m 21 years of age and before I started seeing Peter, I always weighted around the 100kg mark. I had a terrible immune system, I was always getting sick. I was tired, I had really next to no confidence and most importantly I did not fit […]

Courtney Hill

courtney hill here is what courtney said about us… *Peter has always gone above and beyond for me, and I am grateful to be able to call him my coach and friend. He has taught me so much invaluable knowledge about training and nutrition through his sustainable and healthy approaches to fitness.  I could not […]

Gillian Scurville

Gillian Scurville here is what gillian said about us… *I’ve been training with Peter for about a month now after being referred to him by a friend. In the short time training with Pete I have already seen awesome results. Pete is a great trainer who encourages you to work hard and makes you feel […]

Hanh Lam

hanh lam here is what hanh said about us… *I finished my 8 weeks challenge 2 months ago. I found the first couple of weeks difficult but once I got over all my food cravings and bad habits the weeks got easier. I started seeing results for myself in the 4 week mark and I […]


Jaz Cross

Jaz Cross here is what Jaz said about us… *”Before starting with Peter I had tried everything, a personal trainer through the gym, mobile app programs etc. I was really struggling with consistency, my fitness, knowing what to do in the gym, my food & my confidence. My goal when I first saw Peter was […]

Jessica Brookes

jessica brookes here is what jessica said about us… * I can now fit into clothes that were previously tight thanks to your program Peter. I now need a belt to hold up my pants. I can’t believe your step-by-step program works and it’s simple. I was able to eat my chocolates, wine and cheese […]

Chanel Wong

chanel wong here is what chanel said about us… *I am a personal trainer myself and one thing I was never taught during my studies was proper nutrition. We were taught the basics of nutrition and how to guide our clients… but never taught how to factor it in with your personal lifestyle… not like […]

Bich Nguyen

Bich Nguyen here is what bich said about us… *I have always been a lover of food.  I have always had difficulty with portion control… especially when it comes to choosing how much to eat and what not to eat.  I contacted Peter because I saw the results his clients achieved and I needed real […]


Andrea Edwardson

Andrea Edwardson here is what Andrea said about us… *”Prior to training with Peter, I was stuck in a cycle of emotional eating, was exhausted all the time, and was overweight. Peter’s holistic approach enabled me to lose 7kg in the first 2 months with minimal effort. I no longer suffer from exhaustion and am […]