Fil Cristaldi

here is what fil said about us...

If you’re like Fil, you’ve tried every diet and training program there is under the sun – with no luck.
Fil had a list of health issues when he first saw us… along with tons of pills that he had to pop daily for his health.
But after working with us, he was able to reduce his medications.
We focused heavily on nutrition and made sure it suited his lifestyle.
We then tailored his weight program based around the days he could set aside to train.
We then tracked and monitored his progress weekly and made adjustments so that he’d reach his goal.

*I have lost 34kg with Peter. After years of trying different diets and going it alone at the gym without any success I decided to pull the trigger and ask Peter for some help, and I don't regret it!

Peter is really easy to chat to and has a wealth of knowledge about everything from workout techniques to what foods to eat.

I’m now consistently losing weight and have hit a weight that I haven’t been in at least 5 years while still eating normal food, still enjoying eating out with friends and enjoying the odd beer.

The knowledge he’s given me is something I can use long term not just for a few weeks during a “challenge”. I highly recommend giving him a call!​

fil cristaldi

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