Jacob Berend Tilse

here is what jacob said about us...

*He has a simple but effective training philosophy: that exercise should be functional and that it should get results.

While I can't remember specific figures - I can say that I can bench, squat and deadlift more than I ever would have expected - and that when I walk into the gym next week Pete is going to put a little more on the bar to push me.

Pete is always punctual, generous with his time and is always paying attention.

He ensures my technique is safe and correct. I always feel like i'm getting value for money.

I would absolutely recommend Pete to my friends. Whether he's your first trainer - or you're looking to upgrade to someone with high end skills for better results.

As I said at the top - you need to put in the work - but if you want to be like Pete and have a ridiculous 6 pack to flash around, you want to be stronger, lose weight or just do something for yourself - give him a go.

Also, if you do join up with Pete, you're going to be sore. Very sore 🙂 Good luck! 😉 Jake.

Jacob Berend Tilse