Jaz Cross

here is what Jaz said about us...


*"Before starting with Peter I had tried everything, a personal trainer through the gym, mobile app programs etc.

I was really struggling with consistency, my fitness, knowing what to do in the gym, my food & my confidence.

My goal when I first saw Peter was to lose 5 kg & get into healthier habits. The worst part was at a point where I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body.

I’ve now lost over 10 kg, I feel amazing in my own skin & am motivated to keep striving for more knowing I can do it.

I could not recommend Peter enough, he is more than just a fitness coach and he has completely changed my life this year.

The way he lays out the program & food makes goals attainable without being overwhelming and he is always there for support when needed.

What I have learnt working with him will change how I approach health & fitness forever.

I don’t even know how to put into words my admiration & appreciation for what he does and how he does it but if you are ready to invest in yourself and make a change - do not look past Peter because you won’t regret it.

Jaz Cross