Josh James

here is what josh said about us...

When I first met Josh, he struggled a lot with self-confidence.
He didn’t believe in himself and didn’t think he could lose weight.
Josh was searching for a personal trainer that was near him – and found us.
After chatting over the phone, I realised that Josh was like me… an introvert… but extrovert around people we know.
We kicked it off over the phone and I got him to come in and see me for a consultation.
We took him through our assessment and then planned out what he needed to do to reach his goal.

*I started at 126 kg and now I am at 114.3 kg and that been over a journey of just a little over 5 months.

And that’s with some weeks hasn’t been a perfect journey.

My goal is to learn tools that I can now use for the rest of my life, be healthy and be happier and that’s what I’ve achieved right now…

And I’m still on my way to get healthier and happier.​

josh james

Customer Service Consultant