jules filipic

here is what jules said about us...

*I am so lucky to have Peter as my partner and to have him as my trainer. 

But here is a little about me before I met Peter. 

I was a regular gym-goer. I would train 5 x per week. However, with all the effort I was putting in at the gym, I could not budge from the 60 kilos. 

I knew that my diet was an issue but even adjusting my diet didn’t change anything. 

I thought that in order to achieve my dream body, dieting needed to consist of eating 100% clean. 

I thought that I had to eat a very low-calorie diet and stick to staples such as brown rice, chicken and broccoli. 

By doing this I was restricting myself from eating the foods that I enjoyed and I would often say no to going out to dinner with friends. At this stage my diet was controlling my life! 

After restricting myself so long, next came the binge eating. 

This is where I would eat everything in sight. 

After the binge eating episodes, I would feel even worse about myself. 

Restricting myself even more and trying to compensate for the amount of food I had just inhaled. It was a vicious cycle.

When I met Peter, he changed my outlook on life and food. 

He made me realize that I don't have to be a gym junkie to achieve my desired results. He also showed me how to enjoy food while still being able to lose weight.

His coaching has helped me achieve more results in the time that we have been together than ever before.

We still enjoy our life. We still go out for dinner and desserts (as I am a massive dessert freak).

He has taught me how to incorporate my weight loss goals into my lifestyle to make my weight loss achievable and sustainable.

I am now at the lowest weight I have ever been and it just keeps progressing.

I understand I am lucky to have the support of Peter as my partner, but I have also witnessed his clients achieve their desired results. 

He gives all of his clients the much-needed attention, dedication and support they require.

Everyone has different goals and Peter is there 100% to help you reach your desired outcome.

Jules filipic