keith wilson

here is what keith said about us...

If you’re like Keith who travels a lot for work, struggles to find a training and nutrition program that works for your lifestyle… then you’re not alone.
Keith struggled exercising with proper technique and was constantly getting injured.
So he avoided it where possible.
He thought he was eating healthy when he travelled for work…
but after working with us, he realised that what he ate was causing him to gain weight.
When you tailor someone’s program, you need to understand what their strengths and weakness are.
You need to know what exercises they can and can’t with good form.
because not everyone can do the exercise with proper form.
Just because squats in on the program doesn’t mean it’s right for their body type… and it doesn’t mean your client can squats properly.
And when I mean properly, I mean doing it where they feel every inch of their legs burning and fatigue.
But after a few weeks of training him and him doing our tailored training program that I designed for him…
This is what Keith was able to achieve.

*I was always sceptical with PT’s because I’ve been to so many in the past that they would just take your money and you would get no results.

Peter on the other hand, completely changed my views on PT’s.

He showed me step by step how to integrate my lifestyle and work-life with training and nutrition making my results maintainable and achievable.

keith wilson