L Murphy

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*Shreddin for the wedding! I am 47 years old, a mother of 2 children under 7, 170 cm tall and in Feb 2016, I weighed 120kg. And then I met Peter.

Now I weigh 88 kg & I have increased my muscle mass to 39% and lost over 10% of my body fat - I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14. Woo hoo! How? I attend 2 x 1 hour sessions a week with Peter. No additional cardio required & the word diet has never been mentioned.

Peter designed a personal training session & nutrition program for me. One that meets my goals, my time frames, my lifestyle requirements & allows me to eat the same meals as my family.

Peter is different to any other trainer I have ever met. He monitors my technique to ensure every exercise I do is done to ensure I turn on & work out the correct muscle group.

I hear from him before & after each session & his encouragement, friendship & advice helps me to keep going.

Peter's encouragement enables me to lift, press & push beyond any PB I have previously reached. I bring my kids to our sessions & he includes them in our work outs.

Exercising is fun & my partner has now also signed up. My bridesmaid signs up this week! Don't waste your time with other trainers. How many people do you know who work out every day & yet their body shape looks no different? What a waste of time and money.

I get married in 7 weeks & thanks to Peter I look absolutely amazing, no skin sag, no loss of bust measurements & 5 dress sizes smaller! You can achieve your health & fitness goals too if you train with Peter.

L Murphy

HR / Lawyer