What My Clients Say About Us

Male Testimonials

Fil Cristaldi

Fil Cristaldi here is what fil said about us… https://vimeo.com/347681251?share=copyIf you’re like Fil, you’ve tried every diet and training program there is under the sun – with no luck. Fil had a list of health issues when he first saw us… along with tons of pills that he had to pop daily for his health. But after […]

Chester Hanson

chester hanson here is what chester said about us… https://youtu.be/UcTs5RlOytkIf you look closely at Chester’s photos, you will see that he doesn’t have ear stretchers anymore… Why? Because not only has he transformed his body… he’s also transformed his life. When Chester first saw me, he had little to no confidence and had trust issues…  He had anxiety, […]

Robbie Northcroft

robbie northcroft here is what robbie said about us… *Peter improved my life in so many ways. I learned to appreciate my body again and developed a better relationship with food. I loved that my workout program was suited to my life. Meeting up with Peter every week was a delight, he motivated me and […]


Ben Young

Benjamin young here is what Benjamin young said about us… *”Prior to joining Peter, I was lifting weights 6 days a week but was not seeing any results and was staying at the same weight. After taking Peter on as a personal trainer and coach he gave me a workout program that reduced time in […]



P.W – This was a 12 week program here is what P.W said about us… “I dropped 10% in body fat and gained 3.3kg in lean body mass. I lost about 6kgs in weight in less than 3 months/12 weeks.” *Out of respect, P.W asked to blur out his face and abbreviated his name for […]


John Cremin

John Cremin here is what John Cremin said about us… *Out of respect, John asked to blur out his face. *”Before going to see Peter I tried various ways of losing weight and getting back in shape. Intermittent fasting, 5km runs, gym sessions and other fad diets. Eventually, I fell back into old habits due […]

Jonathan Hair

jonathan hair here is what jonathan said about us… *6 months ago I weighed 98 kg, I look bloated, I felt tired and I didn’t fit into my clothes. I had pain that signified pins and needles running down the right-hand side of my body. I decided enough was enough – and I contacted Peter! […]

Keith Wilson

keith wilson here is what keith said about us… https://youtu.be/F9SRQjRTgGQIf you’re like Keith who travels a lot for work, struggles to find a training and nutrition program that works for your lifestyle… then you’re not alone. Keith struggled exercising with proper technique and was constantly getting injured. So he avoided it where possible. He thought he was eating […]


Alessandro Seno

Alessandro Seno here is what alessandro said about us… *”My name is Alessandro and I’ve always been somewhat fit and active. I’ve always trained or done sports to keep myself healthy and lean (I never had a ripped body though) Since COVID there have been 3 major turning points in my life. First, COVID restrictions […]

Vance Rasmussen

Vance Rasmussen here is what vance said about us… *Peter Nguyen… what can I say, in the beginning, I was always scared to look into a PT because of my laziness, I enjoyed laying around doing nothing. I knew I had to change but I didn’t know where or how to begin until I saw […]

Upendra Palampati

Upendra Palampati here is what Upendra said about us… If you’re a business owner and father like Upendra, then you know finding time for your health can be challenging. When I asked Upendra what his number one goal was… he said “I want to be fit and strong enough to keep up with my son, I never […]

Sunny Ho

sunny ho here is what sunny said about us… If your story is like Sunny’s where you’ve tried many programs but can’t seem to get the abs you want…   Then here is what you need to know.   To get abs…   Firstly, you need to be eating less than what your body can […]

Steve Hockey

steve hockey here is what steve said about us… *Really comprehensive fitness and diet program and not too expensive, getting best results ever. Always ready to give advice or answer questions any day and is proactive in checking my progress. steve hockey student work with us see all male testimonials

Rowan Bayliss

rowan bayliss here is what rowan said about us… *If you’re struggling with losing weight and building muscle… or even if you haven’t started just yet… my advice would be just to take that first step and see a personal trainer or Peter and start from the beginning… I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do […]

Robert Setter

rob setter here is what rob said about us… *100kg at 60 led me to Peter Nguyen. Testimonials on Peter’s website convinced me to give fitness one more go. What he offered was a program unique to me and adaptable as my fitness and weight loss progressed. And so many choices – particularly with food […]

Josh James

Josh James here is what josh said about us… https://youtu.be/sNY6nXoYCwgWhen I first met Josh, he struggled a lot with self-confidence. He didn’t believe in himself and didn’t think he could lose weight. Josh was searching for a personal trainer that was near him – and found us. After chatting over the phone, I realised that Josh was like […]

Leigh Cole

leigh cole here is what leigh said about us… *I have now been training with Peter for over 6yrs. I initially went to him for the sole purpose of being given some direction with using the weights and machines at my local gym. Peter was able to tailor a complete fitness and diet program based […]

Marc Cook

marc cook here is what marc said about us… *Peter is the complete package when it comes to managing a fitness program. He guided me through his step by step coaching program which not only helped me lose the weight that I wanted – but helped me regain strength back from my broken arm. I […]

Matthew Young

matthew young here is what matthew said about us… *My journey with Pete started at 96kg. The tipping point for me was the fact that I no longer fit any of my clothes that I had and I refuse to buy bigger size clothing. I also lack a lot of self-confidence and it was affecting […]

Olliver Haivin

Olliver Haivin here is what Olliver said about us… *Peter is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.I was semi-depressed when I first met him, I had been looking for a standout PT for quite some time. I’m an inherently shy person and Peter noticed this pretty quick and caters to me accordingly which […]


Daniel Dallas

daniel dallas here is what daniel said about us… https://youtu.be/VUGiDFAHUwcIf you want to transform your body, see more muscle definition and be able to eat the foods you want like Daniel… then watch Daniel’s video above. When I first met Daniel, he was very active and had a fast metabolism… based on the data we collected. […]

David Taylor

david taylor here is what david said about us… https://youtu.be/hWMYjK3J8JkDo you know that most people deprive themselves from food when trying to lose weight?  This is what David use to do before seeing me.  If you’re anything like David, you know that how hard it is – mentally… to sacrifice your lifestyle…  so that you […]

Duc Tran

duc tran here is what duc said about us… *Going to Peter Nguyen Fitness was the best decision I have made in a long time. I truly recommend this friendly Peter. He is knowledgeable and very effective, he has been awesome in explaining the nutrition aspects and all the movements and helping me with the […]


Emiliano Sgueglia

Emiliano Sgueglia here is what Emiliano said about us… *”As a head chef, my job is physically demanding. I stand and move around for at least 8 hours… Plus, lifting heavy pots and carrying large bags of food strains my body. Before Peter, I was struggling to follow any diet or training plans. I was […]

Hamish Skinner

hamish skinner here is what hamish said about us… *I’ve been training with Pete for about 3 years now. I’m a self-employed electrical contractor.  In my spare time, I do triathlons and iron man and Pete trains me as well.  It has been a great experience to have Peter as my PT. My triathlon times […]

Jacob Berend Tilse

Jacob Berend Tilse here is what jacob said about us… *He has a simple but effective training philosophy: that exercise should be functional and that it should get results. While I can’t remember specific figures – I can say that I can bench, squat and deadlift more than I ever would have expected – and […]

James Bayley

james bayley here is what james said about us… Peter is a fantastic trainer. He tailors his program to your individual strengths and weaknesses and always stresses the importance of correct technique. In less than 6 months with Peter I have seen significant gains in my strength and physique. On top of this he stresses […]

James O’toole

james o’toole here is what james said about us… Quick story about James before I share with you what he says about us…   The before and after photo you see of James on this page was from the consistent actions that he took of our program.   But what you don’t realise is that […]

Carl Stoddart

carl stoddart here is what carl said about us… *Peter was recommended to me about 12 months ago by a friend who was very happy with his transformation thanks to PNF. To begin with, I was sceptical of my own ability to be trained successfully, being so busy balancing a very busy social life with […]

Christopher O’Brien de Ponte

Christopher O’Brien de Ponte here is what christopher said about us… *I started with Peter over a month ago after researching body transformations, and it has been a fantastic experience to be trained by Peter. He is a great coach who motivates his clients to achieve; great results, a realistic attitude towards fitness and personal […]

Andrew Lee-Lovick

Andrew Lee-Lovick here is what andrew said about us… *Have trained with Pete for a couple of years now for both joint and solo personal training. His enthusiasm has been well worth getting up early twice a week, and he always checks in between sessions for support! Andrew Lee-Lovick doctor work with us see all […]