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Mark cook broken arm scans

*Peter is the complete package when it comes to managing a fitness program.

He guided me through his step by step coaching program which not only helped me lose the weight that I wanted - but helped me regain strength back from my broken arm.

I was told by specialists that I would never be able to do push-ups or do chin-ups ever again.

Peter proved them wrong.

I was fascinated by how flexible my diet was, which is amazing as I get bored really easily. After 1 year, not only have I kept the weight off, I’ve been able to lose more weight on my own using the information from the coaching Peter has given me.

When I first started with Peter I weighed slightly over 90kg. Within a few short months the weight fell off and I was 10kg lighter. Peter was the first coach/trainer I ever approached. I spent some time observing other trainers and didn't like how they were training their clients.

It is a decision I do not regret. His wealth of knowledge and approachability helped me meet my health goals and beyond. I had not only lost my excess weight but I had a lot more energy throughout the day, I felt healthier.

Peter has the ability to motivate and push me beyond my self-imposed limits while at the same time he explaining the importance of resting the body. Peter’s best quality is himself.

He is a kind and genuine man that truly cares about his clients.

Thank you Peter for helping me reach my goals I am very grateful to have met you, I can’t thank you enough.

marc cook

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