matthew young

here is what matthew said about us...

*My journey with Pete started at 96kg. The tipping point for me was the fact that I no longer fit any of my clothes that I had and I refuse to buy bigger size clothing.

I also lack a lot of self-confidence and it was affecting the way that I interacted with people every day. After 4 weeks working with Peter, I lost over 10kg.

My biggest issue for a long time was the fact that I have a very busy life but not a very active one. When you top that will poor convenient meal choices and haphazard meal times, it’s a recipe for disaster and a lot of people can relate to a schedule like this.

Right now I’m eating more food and I also get to eat from my favourite food group! The carbohydrate!

The best part about Peters program is that I get to eat what I want and when I want!

The step by step process that Peter gives you, his knowledge and his support is just phenomenal and it has such an impact on your progression through your journey of weight loss, muscle building or your personal fitness goal!

matthew young