Milijana Vukolic

here is what Milijana said about us...

*I have been training with Pete for 3 months and my results have blown me away.

Pete has taught me so much. I thought I knew the basics and it turns out that I had no idea. The exercise programs and nutritional advice Pete provides me with are easy to follow.

I tell him what I like to eat and he does the diet up for me. If I have a special occasion (dinner, birthday, etc…) to attend, Pete will do up the diet for me, for that day. He has kept me motivated, interested and best of all, I have learnt a lot.

My weight in kilograms haven’t dropped and I started to feel down about that, but I when I took a photo after the 3 months mark and compared to the first day, I completely shocked myself.

I couldn’t have thanked him enough for keeping me going and never allowing me to give up. The before and after photos are proof, not what the scales say! I cannot thank him enough for the help and knowledge he has taught me.

Milijana Vukolic

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