Nikita Martinz

here is what nikita said about us...

*I’m 21 years of age and before I started seeing Peter, I always weighted around the 100kg mark.

I had a terrible immune system, I was always getting sick. I was tired, I had really next to no confidence and most importantly I did not fit into what I wanted to and I decided I needed to change.

When I met Pete, my goal was to lose some weight before my 21st in April. I ended up losing 16kg and a recent 8 week challenge I did with Peter, I lost another 5kg.

Pete customized my training and diet to suit my schedule. I was still eating the food choice that I like to eat whilst losing weight at the same time, which is the one thing that fascinated me the most.

He showed me step by step you how to train, how you should be eating your food. My confidence is up and I fit into things that I never thought possible. Thanks Pete for all your coaching!

Nikita Martinz