Olliver Haivin

here is what Olliver said about us...

*Peter is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.
I was semi-depressed when I first met him, I had been looking for a standout PT for quite some time.

I’m an inherently shy person and Peter noticed this pretty quick and caters to me accordingly which I really appreciate.

He makes me feel at ease when we’re training and I don’t have to focus on my anxiety which is a great change.

Training isn’t super boring either, we put in the work but we can also share stories between sets which makes the gym far less gruelling and is genuinely enjoyable.

Without doubt, most importantly is the fact that after a mere 5 weeks, I can see significant changes in my body which certainly makes me feel more confident.

I’ve been training with Peter three times a week and he always gives me lots of advice regarding my diet and any general knowledge questions I may have.

I’d definitely recommend Peter to my mates or anyone, in general, looking for a PT who’s a cut above.

Olliver Haivin