What My Clients Say About Us

Personal training Brisbane City QLD 4000

Robbie Northcroft

robbie northcroft here is what robbie said about us… *Peter improved my life in so many ways. I learned to appreciate my body again and developed a better relationship with food. I loved that my workout program was suited to my life. Meeting up with Peter every week was a delight, he motivated me and […]

Robert Setter

rob setter here is what rob said about us… *100kg at 60 led me to Peter Nguyen. Testimonials on Peter’s website convinced me to give fitness one more go. What he offered was a program unique to me and adaptable as my fitness and weight loss progressed. And so many choices – particularly with food […]

Olliver Haivin

Olliver Haivin here is what Olliver said about us… *Peter is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.I was semi-depressed when I first met him, I had been looking for a standout PT for quite some time. I’m an inherently shy person and Peter noticed this pretty quick and caters to me accordingly which […]