What My Clients Say About Us

Personal training Gordon Park Brisbane QLD 4031

Rowan Bayliss

rowan bayliss here is what rowan said about us… *If you’re struggling with losing weight and building muscle… or even if you haven’t started just yet… my advice would be just to take that first step and see a personal trainer or Peter and start from the beginning… I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do […]

Josh James

Josh James here is what josh said about us… https://youtu.be/sNY6nXoYCwgWhen I first met Josh, he struggled a lot with self-confidence. He didn’t believe in himself and didn’t think he could lose weight. Josh was searching for a personal trainer that was near him – and found us. After chatting over the phone, I realised that Josh was like […]

Bich Nguyen

Bich Nguyen here is what bich said about us… *I have always been a lover of food.  I have always had difficulty with portion control… especially when it comes to choosing how much to eat and what not to eat.  I contacted Peter because I saw the results his clients achieved and I needed real […]