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do you hate what you see in the mirror?

If you want to see changes in your body… get back into shape before it’s too late, build strength, health and fitness… then let me share with you a story how Tess was able to get her body back after working with us.

When I first met Tess, she didn’t like the changes in her body.

She wanted to look and feel good about herself again.

Every time she looked in the mirror, she felt more depressed.

She felt awful and wanted to make her body feel healthy again.

Tess wanted to feel more confident in her own body…

She also had an unhealthy relationship with food and wanted to change that.

Tess searched for a personal training in Lutwyche that could help her do workouts with proper technique through one-on-one training…

She also wanted the private trainer to be somewhat of a life coach to her.

She’s had a personal fitness trainer before so she knew what she was looking for.

Tess wanted someone with personal experience in being overweight… as well as dealt with mental challenges before.

After a few weeks into our coaching, Tess felt more comfortable with looking in the mirror.

She was able to fit into clothes that made her feel sexy and confident.

Tess still eats treats and foods that were considered once ‘bad’… and doesn’t feel guilty anymore.

Read more below about what Tess says about working with us.

If you would like to work with us, click the ‘work with us’ button and complete the form.

I just want to let you know, I have a waiting list.

We are unlike other fitness businesses where we can take on a lot of people.

It’s just one of us running the show.

We also do online personal training so that digs into our time.

So our time is limited.

We train clients on a 1 on 1 basis at a private studio.

We focus a lot on making sure clients do each exercise with correct technique.

We stop you in your track if you’re doing it wrong and make sure it’s properly done before you can progress.

We’re not like a boot camp or small group classes where we can have multiple classes per day of 10-20 people training at once… and not pay attention to form.

So if you do apply to work with us, keep in mind that we’ll call applicants in the order that these applications are filled out.

what our lutwyche personal training clients are saying about us?

Chester Hanson

chester hanson here is what chester said about us… https://youtu.be/UcTs5RlOytkIf you look closely at Chester’s photos, you will see that he doesn’t have ear stretchers anymore… Why? Because not only has he transformed his body… he’s also transformed his life. When Chester first saw me, he had little to no confidence and had trust issues…  He had anxiety, […]

Tess Morrison

Tess Morrison here is what tess said about us… *I have been training with Pete Nguyen for a couple of months now and I could not recommend him more highly. Pete has helped me through the most mentally and physically challenging time in my life and I am eternally grateful. Pete has a holistic approach […]

Jules Filipic

jules filipic here is what jules said about us… *I am so lucky to have Peter as my partner and to have him as my trainer.  But here is a little about me before I met Peter.  I was a regular gym-goer. I would train 5 x per week. However, with all the effort I […]

Leigh Cole

leigh cole here is what leigh said about us… *I have now been training with Peter for over 6yrs. I initially went to him for the sole purpose of being given some direction with using the weights and machines at my local gym. Peter was able to tailor a complete fitness and diet program based […]

James O’toole

james o’toole here is what james said about us… Quick story about James before I share with you what he says about us…   The before and after photo you see of James on this page was from the consistent actions that he took of our program.   But what you don’t realise is that […]