What My Clients Say About Us

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Sunny Ho

sunny ho here is what sunny said about us… If your story is like Sunny’s where you’ve tried many programs but can’t seem to get the abs you want…   Then here is what you need to know.   To get abs…   Firstly, you need to be eating less than what your body can […]

L Murphy

L Murphy here is what L Murphy said about us… *Shreddin for the wedding! I am 47 years old, a mother of 2 children under 7, 170 cm tall and in Feb 2016, I weighed 120kg. And then I met Peter. Now I weigh 88 kg & I have increased my muscle mass to 39% […]

Jacob Berend Tilse

Jacob Berend Tilse here is what jacob said about us… *He has a simple but effective training philosophy: that exercise should be functional and that it should get results. While I can’t remember specific figures – I can say that I can bench, squat and deadlift more than I ever would have expected – and […]