Red Wiard

here is what red said about us...

before and after shot of Red using our one on one personal training program after searching online for a fitness coach here in Brisbane City Queensland

*After the indulging Christmas holiday, I found myself at 85kgs, a size 14 and wanted to lose weight. I started Peters Coaching and was amazed at how much knowledge, passion and care he has for his clients. My short term goal was to lose 10kg get fit, tone up and fit into a size 12.

Peter taught me a lot about nutrition/diet and how to incorporate the foods that I enjoyed into my daily routine along with some exercise to help me shed those unwanted fat.

3 months later I was able to achieve my short term goal, friends and family have been noticing and saying that my training has been paying off which was a huge confidence boost! I now have all the knowledge and information needed to continue my weight loss journey. Thanks Pete for all the help.


Red Wiard