rob setter

here is what rob said about us...

*100kg at 60 led me to Peter Nguyen.

Testimonials on Peter's website convinced me to give fitness one more go.

What he offered was a program unique to me and adaptable as my fitness and weight loss progressed.

And so many choices - particularly with food and drink.

In fact, nothing seems to be off-limits.

Early results have motivated accelerated take up - but decisions have always been mine.

Peter is incredibly personable and engaging in his approach and is great fun to train with.

His strong personal values and genuine commitments to his clients mean he wants us to be the best we can be.

So, 10 weeks after I joined Peter Nguyen Fitness, I am almost 90kg, down almost 2 waist sizes and now I believe I can do even more - if I choose to!

rob setter

Chief Executive