Tracey Troughton

here is what tracey said about us...

*I have known Peter for over 3 years. He is not only my personal trainer but has become a good friend and mental coach.

Before starting with Peter I had been to many doctors regarding the pain in my knees and constant swelling only to be told I needed to live with it there was nothing they could do.

Peter has always been encouraging not only with the training but helping with different foods to see what would help lose weight.

I managed to lose 10 kgs. I have gained a different attitude and the pain is slowly disappearing. It is a slow road but with Peter's help both physical and mental I am getting there.

My stress levels are a lot lower through my regular discussions with Peter during my workout If I could recommend anyone to help with more than just exercise it would be Peter.

He takes a very keen interest in your life not only while you are at the gym but sending the occasional text message just to see how you are going. He is more than just your average PT. Thanks Pete

Tracey Troughton

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