Vance Rasmussen

here is what vance said about us...

*Peter Nguyen... what can I say, in the beginning, I was always scared to look into a PT because of my laziness, I enjoyed laying around doing nothing.

I knew I had to change but I didn't know where or how to begin until I saw Peter Nguyen Fitness Program Advertised on social media, I saw the results he gave to others and all the wonderful changes the people got out of him.

At my worst I was 114 kg and now I'm in the 96kg zone... when I had my first meeting with Peter I shook his hand and said " Good Luck because I'm super lazy, I love to eat junk and I'm not sure u can change me"

BOOM! Peter created magic because now I am where I wanna be... I'm so much more active I'm not lazy at all...

Peter gets in your mind and he changed the way you think its remarkable. I love how working out with Peter is fun and not boring, we joke to have a laugh but still do serious work.

He mixes up with nutrition and a solid workout. The thing that captivated me the most is he said I can STILL eat whatever I want as long as I hit my numbers in my nutrition app... I said "no way, so I can still eat chocolate?"

He said yes... and I have been and I'm still shedding weight... all in all Peter is the man you all need to see, this is no joke, this is no story, this.... this is from the heart... Peter has changed my life.

Vance Rasmussen