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How Chester Lost 40kg, No Saggy Skin

Went From XXXL To Small/Medium Size Shirts…
Dropped 6 Pant Sizes, Transformed His Body…And Improved His Blood Works…… without going on restrictive diets or low calorie diets.

are you looking for a weight loss coach near me who will

  • Help you slim down 15-30 kilos plus – before things get worse?
  • Show you the correct exercise technique every time?
  • Help you prevent health issues?
  • Get you visible results?
  • And help regain confidence?

If so, then keep reading...

Dear Friend

If you want to lose weight, get back into clothes that make you feel good… boost self-confidence and have better annual blood work or… even if you want to improve your physical health… so that people don’t judge you, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

as your new personal trainer for weight loss

here's why...

At 36, Chester jumped on his scales and saw 124 kg. He was very disappointed with himself. Chester said, “it was hard to look at himself in the mirror.”

Plus, his annual blood work showed that he needed to lower his blood pressure and get his cholesterol down… if he didn’t want to be at risk of having a heart attack.

He wanted a drastic weight loss as soon as possible to get some self-confidence back.

The search for a fat loss trainer began...

For the past 10 years, his life was pretty unbalanced. Stress from work and personal life affected his mental health.

Chester said his ex would say things like “No one will ever be with you because you’re too fat – you’re the biggest loser”

And people on dating apps would comment “OMG your belly fat”, “no one wants you”, “you’re too old.” – which made him think… “what if my ex was right.”

Chester was always self-conscious of how he looked…

especially when he could ONLY wear 3XL/2XL shirts and 42 pants...

He stretched his ears and pierced his nose because he thought that’s ‘what cool people do’.

Everywhere he went, he would catch people staring at him oddly – which made him feel worthless.

Individuals would avoid him like the plague on public transport… even though the seat next to him was available.

He didn’t have many friends. And Chester found it hard to make new friends.

People always made fun of him at shopping centres –  which is why he shops online.

Plus, Chester’s family always commented about his body weight and what he ate…

which affected his depression and mental health even further...

Now in the past, Chester had a personal trainer for weight loss.

They did boxing in the park, bodybuilding, and other forms of high-intensity workouts. 

Chester said he got really skinny with no muscle definition exercising 5 days a week

And his diet was fairly restrictive - no carb diet after 6pm...

Plus, most of his food consisted of chicken, broccoli, rice, and veggies. Chocolate, ice cream, and pizza were forbidden.

He was always hungry… especially on weekends which made it hard NOT to binge. Yet, every time he binged, he felt like a failure.

This made it very hard for him to stick to his diet and decrease in body weight. 

Chester wanted a private weight loss coach near me…

And someone who’s also an accountability coach for weight loss when he travels.

He wanted a fat loss personal trainer who could give him weight loss diet tips suitable to his lifestyle.

And one on one weight loss coaching which was able to help him get fit… somewhat near his workplace and close to home.

After searching through many online diet coach websites, Chester hired us as his personal trainer and weight loss consultant.

5 days into Chester Weight Loss Coaching & he lost 2.65kg...

10 months later - down 26.25kg...

24 months later - down 40.5kg

He is losing weight for real.

Chester ONLY does resistance exercise twice a week and no cardio. He has more energy and can jump out of bed before his alarm goes off – feeling fresh. 

He can now carry 4 large containers of seawater (that he gets every 2 weeks for his fish tank) from his car to the house… without any joint pain or being out of breath.

Plus, he feels strong, fit, confident, and healthy… and sees more muscle definition in places he’s never seen before.

Chester says, “for the first time, in a long time, I feel sexy.”

His libido has increased. And he eats what he wants – especially bread.

Which is the one thing his mum told him to avoid – because she said: “It will make you fat – especially if you are planning on burning fat.”

Tuesdays and Thursdays are days he buys Maccas for breakfast and eats them at his desk.

Yet, everyone at work can’t understand how he can eat more food and STILL continue slimming down whilst eating McDonald’s. 

and the funny thing is…

Chester said, "My family has stopped commenting on what I eat and how I look."

He recently told me he’s getting heaps of compliments about how trimmed and strong he looks…

And his recent annual blood work showed his bad cholesterol plunged and his good cholesterol shot up.

Also, the versical fat around his belly is much flatter and firmer now.

This has made him more confident, increased his self-esteem, and has more willpower.

text message from client saying our weight loss coaching works and people complementing from using our weight loss training programme here in Brisbane

He also said "I can't believe I don't have saggy skin considering how much weight I've dropped."

He now takes his shirt off in public, especially at the pool and beach.

client seeing definition coming through and said to us in person that we are the best weight loss coach in Brisbane

And a few weeks ago, he walked into the shops... bought new 34 jeans and large shirts...

as a certified body fat loss coach here in Brisbane, we helped our client go from XXL to larger shirts

Then a few weeks later, he drops weight EVEN more weight.

He said, "never in a million years did I think I can fit into SMALL shirts and size 30 pants..."

our client using us as his weight management coach has gone from 3XL to small here in Brisbane north

Chester said, "This is the best weight loss coaching near me"

The best part, he recently got promoted at work and booked his dream holiday.

Chester receives about 10 to 20 private messages per day from randoms on dating apps.

As his weight loss consultant – I didn’t believe him at first.

But, when he showed me all the messages during our private sessions – I was shocked!

Plus, now that Chester looks different, he said…

"the same people who previously called me “fat” and “ugly” now want to have coffee with me."

The amazing part is, Chester has made new friends – all because he is more confident.

So, if Chester’s story inspires you and you would like us to be your weight loss consultant, then click the work with me button below or…

keep reading if you want to learn more about how to lose weight tremendously using us as your certified weight management coach.

this is Chesters after photo after using us as his weight loss life coach in Brisbane

And please note…

This does involve hard work. So, if you’re lazy, and not willing to put in the work, then this is not for you. Plus if you’re looking for a quick fix, then this is not for you.

This is not magic or anything hocus-pocus. But IF you’re willing to follow our step-by-step slim-down program – then this could be for you.

I will tailor it to your lifestyle so it’s maintainable and sustainable.

And, IF you’re willing to put in the work, then I can help you AND you will get results.

The best online nutrition coach… or offline always customise your program to your goals.

They are also your life coach as well as making sure your strength doesn’t outweigh your weakness. Plus, they ensure your workouts are sustainable to your lifestyle.

Here's what Chester said about us as his personal trainer and weight loss coach...

Want to know why and how I can make this promise to you??

My name is Peter Nguyen and I help people get back into clothes that make them feel confident.

And since 2009, I’ve helped over 238 individual clients (and counting) get their health back – as their accountability and fat nutrition coach.

Plus, the best part about my work is when clients send me these messages.

Before and after photos of them wearing clothes they now fit into – without taking any diet pills or detox diets. Just like this one below.

our client in Brisbane chose us as their bariatric coach. Here she is sending in her before and after photos

And nothing feels more satisfying when your client meets a new lover or… makes new friends or… is more confident in public because…

they’ve transformed their body – our weight loss coaching works.

Plus, what’s even better is…

When your client's doctor is SHOCKED after seeing their annual blood results because

  • Their markers for being at risk for a heart attack have disappeared…
  • Their “bad” cholesterol has plummeted, while their “GOOD” cholesterol has skyrocketed…
  • Their skin colour is no longer that scary bright red colour because their blood pressure is back to normal levels…
  • Their liver markers have improved…

Just like our client has done here.

one of our clients liver disease progress report after using our health coach weight loss program here in Brisbane city

you can’t put a price on that.

And like my clients, you too can transform your body, and improve your annual blood results if you follow our program.

So, if you want to:

  • Take your weight loss journey to the next level,
  • Have an eating coach near you to help with your meal plans, and
  • Use weight management coaching services that get results

then click the button somewhere on this page, and complete the form.

to get results like my clients...

You will require various diet plans that are tailored to your lifestyle.

If it’s restrictive, you will fail and give up on your journey.

Our weight loss coaching works because I show you how to eat the foods you like on your meal plans – which helps you stay consistent.

I will help you create these diet plans. 

Also, you’ll need to exercise with the correct form to build muscle.

Why is it so important you say?

The more muscles you build and keep activated during your lifts – means the more calories you burn… and can eat.

Plus, all those slim-fit clothes you’ve been pushing aside will fit you much sooner than expected. 

If you follow my ultimate weight loss plan which I’ll design for you – consistently…

You can

  • Expect to be 1-2 pants sizes down within a few weeks.
  • Will FEEL the difference in the way your clothes fit.
  • See your face looking leaner.
  • Feel lighter, and thinner and have more energy.

and here's why you should choose us as your online weight loss fitness trainer...

I always say “you can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

And this is why I always stay in my lane – help ONLY where I have experience.

I am no GURU when it comes to female hormones. 

But when it comes to:

  • Shredding 10-30kg +
  • Gaining weight
  • Depression – to the point I nearly ended my life
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia – waking up multiple times a night & sweating
  • High fasting glucose – close to pre-diabetes
  • Brain fog
  • Low libido
  • Involuntary muscle twitching
  • Gut issues
  • Binge eating

I’ve been there – done that.

And if you’re currently struggling with any of the above, I know exactly how you feel – and I can help.

Now, to make sure you reach your fat loss journey, I start with an in-depth health assessment.

Followed by a full-body composition test. A mobility assessment.

Then, a strength and fitness test.

I use this information to help slim you down and tailor your program so you loose weight immensely – yet, safely.

And from there, I’ll show you exactly how to do each exercise, proper – using our weight loss coaching techniques.

This way you maximize your results and prevent any injuries.

You see, anyone can do ANY exercise…

my weight loss coach teaching clients how to do incline chest press at the Brisbane studio

yet, not everyone can do it right where you lose the weight and see visible defined muscles.

I want you to think about this for a moment.

If squats build your quads, glutes, hamstrings and core.

Then everyone who squats should have amazing-looking legs and core… right?

But why don’t we?

That’s because not all squats are equal.

Ever seen people at free group fitness classes do the same exercise?

And if you take a step back and watch… they’re all doing the same workout plan – but differently.

Some go through the motion, whereas others squeeze and turn on each muscle.

As a result, the ones who can activate their muscles end up burning more calories, build greater muscles and see more results.

The same goes for the bench press.

Every guy who works their pec SHOULD have a massive chest that fills out their shirts right???

Yet, you still see guys who bench, with no chest, or still have man boobs – regardless of how many times they bench.

This is no different when it comes to getting fit and cutting weight. 

If you want drastic weight loss measures, then you need to do it right, or else you will plateau and damage your metabolism.

And if you want to see PHYSICAL results… one where you can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of, then…

massive progress shot from our virtual weight loss coach client in Brisbane

Your exercise technique MUST be on point.

It’s no different from any professional sport.

Just like Jonathan Thurston (JT)

If you’re an NRL fan like myself, you know that JT finished his NRL career with 923 goals at a success rate of 79.5%. And is still Australia’s top Test point-scorer.

Is this by luck?

Absolutely not, it’s because of his kicking technique. 

You see…

JT can bend the ball at will (which is a technique on its own).

His trademark is starting the football outside the right-hand upright and… coiling it perfectly between the sticks.

Anyone can kick a football yet, not everyone can kick it like JT.

Now, if JT was to teach you his technique.

And tailor it to your body type, do you think you could score a few more conversions – after some practice?


This is essentially how I guide all clients who want to cut weight

When I coach you, I always ask “Where do you feel it?”


We all have different body types, structures and muscles. And just because it works for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

If you don’t feel the correct muscles working, then you most likely doing it wrong – and you’ll just lose a little weight.

This is why some people can slim down, eat more, and see visible muscles… even if they copy another gym-goer’s exercise routine – whereas others can’t.

Going on a diet and eating fewer calories will dwindle you down in weight. But, you won’t have any muscle definition if you don’t lift properly. You’ll be skin and bones.

Yet, if all exercises were created equal, we’d all look the same and have drastic weight loss measures.

But we don’t, which leads me to the next point.

Chester chose us as his private slim down coach near him to teach him proper from like we are in this photo at the studio in Brisbane

your weight loss coaching should be about...

tailoring your program to suit you – the client… so you get fit for life.

Your coaching plan should provide you with sustainable diet tips, healthy habits, and clear instructions showing you how to work the right muscle.

And, your health coach should motivate, guide, support, and encourage “YOU” at all times.


If your program does not suit your body then your wellness instructor should make changes so you reach your goals – whether it’s an online diet and accountability coach or in person.

This will help you minimize potential injury and will be your fastest way to fat loss.

And that’s the difference between us and other coaches.

If you choose us as your new diet and life coach, I’ll hoon in on your exercise technique and program.

This way you can get back into clothes that are currently too tight for you.

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with doing group fitness classes.

Just make sure you focus on the right exercise technique during these classes.


Look, I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but the more muscles you work, the more results you will see.

Group workout sessions are generally fast-paced.

And it’s harder to focus on workouts with the correct technique – if you are going against a time limit.

Your form… more often than not goes out the window.

Plus, you won’t be getting the one-on-one attention that you would with a personal trainer and weight loss coach.

This is why the fees of coaching in a small group setting are much cheaper than doing 1 on 1 with a holistic health coach.

But, you pay for what you get.

One thing our clients like about our diet coaching programs is…

I can tell you the exact date of when you’ll reach your extreme weight loss goal if you follow our plan.

Which is how Chester was able to melt off over 20 kg in 10 months with no SAGGY SKIN all because...

I had a plan! Then Chester EXECUTED the plan.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Plus, I track your workout program and measurements weekly.

And this is how he looks now.

Chester taking a selfie and sending it to us as his weight loss health coach here in northside Brisbane

Here are some examples of why I track your fat burning data weekly:

  1. Make educated changes to your own meal plans for weight-loss if you plateau. No guessing when it comes to your health at Peter Nguyen Fitness.
  2. Correct and change your exercise technique which might be causing you pain.
  3. If your data shows stress is affecting your results, I can provide strategies to help you make further progress.
  4. Allocate proper stretches to increase flexibility and… loosen up tight muscles which may be affecting your ability to exercise with proper technique.
  5. Show you proven techniques that work to improve digestion – if you suffer from bloating.
  6. I can show you ways to stay asleep and increase deeper sleep 💤 if that is a problem.
  7. If you have certain dietary requirements that are outside of our scope, I can refer you to some of the best nutritionists that I know. 

PLUS, from experience, collecting data and results from clients…

I don't recommend slow steady cardio unless you need or want to.​​

And here’s why.

After tracking online vegan and offline weight-loss client’s results for years.

I’ve noticed that clientele who did no cardio got better cardiovascular health (lower LDL) and dropped more fat.

Fil, our client took his team to skirmish for a day of team building.

And to his surprise, he was the last man standing – considering he was the heaviest out of them all.

He told me that everyone else was gasping for air and needed a break.

Plus, according to his blood work, it showed that his LDL Cholesterol levels were much lower than before.

Yet, no cardio was prescribed on his fat-burning program to achieve this result.

And this is why our health and wellness weight-loss program focuses more on doing exercises with proper technique.

I want you to build as much muscle as possible whilst achieving your weight loss goals – and not get injured.

Plus, if you have more muscles you can:

  • Manage your blood sugar
  • Increases your metabolic rate
  • Build strength and increase your stamina
  • Support your joints
  • Help control your body fat
  • Change your emotional state and make you feel better
  • Increase your self-confident

And, I don’t recommend rigid or restrictive diet plans.

I want you to have a healthy shape of life without

watching everyone eat delicious food on Christmas Day – as you pick on lettuce and salads.

This is not living.

The best weight loss coaches… whether female or near you will always find a way to get you the weightloss that you desire.

I will show you how to slim down it whilst eating foods you love… even if that means having alcohol, chocolate, or pasta.

If you’re ready to be our next extreme weight loss client, then click the button below and apply to work with me.

But don’t take too long if you’re a procrastinator.

There’s only one of me and many of you.

You will be placed on my weight-loss waiting list if I have no current spots.

does your healthy eating and weight loss coaching work for females?

Absolutely, here are some real women weight loss success stories for motivation.

Here's What You'll Learn With Our accountability diet coaching program...

  • You’ll discover free slimming advice, on how to slim down and reduce belly fat without ANY food restrictions. (Our client Jonathan Hair is struggling to choose what to wear now he has so many choices… first-world problems.)
  • You’ll understand why restricting yourself from delicious food is making you fatter. (No more eating salads or rabbit food in front of your family or friends. Our client Matt Young lost more weight eating more food of his choice… i.e. carbs.)
  • You’ll skip past all the mistakes that my clients and I have made which will get you faster results. (I’ve had people come up to my clients during our session and comment on how good they look in such a short period.)
  • You’ll know how to lift weights smarter, get healthier AND maintain your lifestyle at the same time. (Your friends and family will ask you “What’s the secret?”… They’ll ask how you’re able to still eat and drink the foods you love and get results. You can ask any of my clients.)
  • You’ll have more energy, and feel fitter, slimmer… younger and stronger with our step-by-step program. (Now I’m not saying that you’ll get laid more BUT a lot of my single clients have been getting lots of private messages per day on dating apps… Chester was one of them.)

what Fil Cristaldi was able to achieve

using us as his weight loss coach In Brisbane...

"I have lost 34kg with Peter. After years of trying different diets and going it alone at the gym without any success I decided to pull the trigger and ask Peter for some help, and I don't regret it!"

  • When you have stronger bones and muscles you’ll be able to do the everyday activity pain-free. (Our tailored program has helped Tracey with her knee pain where doctors couldn’t.)
  • When you lose excess body fat, your body will work much better at detoxing because your metabolism is faster… which will make you healthier and fitter. (My over 50’s clients are spending more time outdoors with friends and family… within 10 weeks, my client Rob at 60 lost 10kg and was 2 pant sizes down.)
  • Imagine having clearer skin with elasticity to it. (Within 10 weeks of following our teaching, your skin will look tighter and toner… how? I’ll show you how to activate the right muscles so that you burn a lot of calories and lose fat… the less fat you have, the younger you look.)

Do you want to try us out first before making any commitments?

If So, Here's What You'll Get With Our Introductory Offer To Weight Loss Coaching...

  • A full-body fitness assessment to start you off right and program you properly, so you can do each exercise right and lose weight tremendously. 
  • A full body composition test so I can build you a game plan and ensure you cut weight ASAP. This way you get back into clothes which make you feel confident.
  • A strength and weakness test… so I know what exercises you SHOULDN’T be doing which could cause an injury or aggravate your injury.
  • 1×45-minute one on one weight loss coaching… so I can show you how to do each exercise with proper technique on your tailored program.

You get all of this for only...



And the best part is…

You get to try us out first before you make any commitment.

From this introductory offer, I can see how your body works.

From there, I can make adjustments to your program so you increase body fat loss.

Then, if you want to work with me long-term, we can talk more about cost, programming, etc.

And if you act now…

I’ll Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses...

Bonus #1: Peters Nutrition Guide e-Book

When you start your Introductory Offer To Weight Loss Coaching Program… you’ll also get our Nutrition Guide e-Book for FREE.

This Nutrition Guide e-book will teach you everything you need to know about maintaining a long-term healthy eating habit… without restrictive dieting – even whilst travelling.

You’ll also learn in this e-book: 

  • How to get results and not give up alcohol
  • How to eat simple delicious meals like pizza, pasta, or any type of carbs and still lose fat – even if you are vegan or vegetarian.
  • How having a massive bender can help you lose more weight
  • How to create your meal plans which will help you decrease body weight – without eating 1200 calories. This works for both men and women.
  • How to structure your eating plan around your day to maximize body fat loss and satiety. 

Valued: $49

Bonus #2: A Custom Exercise Program

You’ll also get a 4-week exercise program tailored to fit your lifestyle.

The program will target your weaker muscle groups so you burn more calories and realign your body.

Our program will push and challenge you every week so you continue to drop weight and start fitting into clothes that are currently too small.

You will get stronger and increase lean muscle mass if you follow the program.

I get messages from clients saying their friends are asking what they are doing.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to improve your cardiovascular health without doing any cardio. (Client annual blood results show an all-time low in Cholesterol levels… without doing any cardio.)
  • How to get better results with only 2-3 resistance workouts per week. (95% of my clients ONLY lift weights 1-2 times per week as they have a busy life.)

Valued:  $97

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of $146 BUT...

they’re yours when you act now!

And here's what you have to look forward to in your so-called golden years if you...

  • Choose to do nothing with your weight.
  • Exercise with improper technique.
  • Still have high body fat – even though you exercise.


  • May need to buy larger clothes.
  • Might need to go on depression medications if your anxiety gets worse.
  • Could continue having restless nights and poor sleep.
  • May end up with pain in your wrist, hands, and knees – it even hurts just to touch.

You may develop:

  • Wheezing.
  • Coughing.
  • Shortness of breath or tightness in the chest just from walking.
  • High blood pressure 130/80 or higher.
  • High cholesterol levels – putting you at risk of insulin resistance – if your waistline is over 40 inches for men and 35 inches for females.
  • Intense lower back pain, knee pain, or even pain from just walking around a shopping mall! You’ll be asking friends to slow down so you can keep up.
  • You may even need painkillers to get to sleep.

If you want to prevent any of the above and you’re ready to improve your quality of life now…

Here's How You Can Work With Us in person... or as your online or in person weight loss coach...

All you need to do is Apply here, then submit the application. 

And be as detailed as possible.

Let me know EXACTLY what you need help with. Plus, I tend to skip applications that are slim on details…


Well, if you don’t know exactly what you need help with – neither will I.

Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive an email from me.

Make sure you check your spam box if you don’t see my email within 12 hrs.

I’ll let you know if I believe I can help – either via text message or phone call.

And, if I believe I can help, I’ll schedule a time and day for a phone consultation.

The phone consultation will be approximately 15 minutes. It’s to see if we are going to be a good fit or not.

If all is good, I’ll schedule a time and day to start your Introductory Offer, and… I’ll discuss payment options.

So, if you are ready to get started and want to find an online weight loss coach that can help you reduce fat then Click Here To APPLY.

To your success,

Peter Nguyen


-PS – If you want to find a weight loss coach who will get you results… customise your program so it’s sustainable… and make sure it fits in with your lifestyle… then apply to work with us here. Keep in mind there’s only one of me. Don’t take too long to apply if you’re a procrastinator. I work on a first in first-in-first-serve basis. There is a waiting list.

-PPS- Remember you’ve got Peter’s 100% no-questions-asked guarantee on the Introductory Offer To Weight Loss Coaching Program… so that you can try it yourself. If you decide it’s not for you just let me know the very same day and we part as friends…

are your ready to transform your body, health and life like chester?

As your personal trainer and weight loss coach, I will hold you accountable and help you get results.